Weekly Horoscopes for August 8th to 15th: New Moon in Leo


Just when you thought the action ended with the Grand Cardinal Cross last week, a potent New Moon in Leo on August 9th keeps the drama going.  Themes of passion, courage, vanity, generosity, leadership and self focus will be emphasized.   Limitations will be difficult to establish and emotions will be amped up.  New Moons are a time for planting the seeds of what you want to sow in the future:  be careful what you set in motion because it will stay with you for a long time.  On August 13th Uranus backs out of Aries into Pisces, staying until 2011.  Recent disruptions will temporarily subside and changes that seemed to be completed will return if things weren’t wrapped up the first time.


This is your week to get out and play. Events are still unfolding regarding one relationship but for this week you can focus on yourself.  The golden New Moon is in your sector of parties, children and artistic projects.  It's a time of dramatic beginnings, creativity, flirtations, parties and whatever else you can think of that puts your needs first. What you start will have an excellent chance of being successful and it will be done your way. As a bonus, any tension you’ve been feeling should ease when jarring Uranus slips out of your sign and back into the shadows.  It won't return to Aries until 2011 so use this time to re-group and relax.


Expect some drama around the house this week.  The attention grabbing New Moon will light up the area of your life involving home, childhood and parents.   Look for new developments regarding a relocation, home purchase, renovation or parent. There will be a lot of emotion surrounding this event so try not to get caught up in family fireworks:  what starts now will have consequences later on.  Venus continues to bring some charm to your work and health sector.  She’s slipped past Saturn and is heading for a meeting with Mars so events should jump forward. You could receive a pay increase you’ve been waiting for or you’ll see some light on the horizon regarding a health issue.  You’re rapidly gaining the energy here to push forward.


Communications will take center stage as the New Moon occurs in your sector of intellect and messages. You could hear some favourable news or start the ball rolling by writing or signing something. Alternatively, there might be an emotional new development regarding your siblings. You should be able to get your point across with confidence, just watch that you don’t make any sweeping statements that you'll regret later.  If there are ego clashes, try to step back and be the  rational one.  Mercury is currently in analytical Virgo so you should be able to keep yourself and your words down to earth.


It’s high tide for you as the New Moon occurs in your sector of finances and security. You'll feel more emotional then usual so try to keep things in perspective, even if you’re uncomfortable at first.  If you're reluctant to let something go, know that it will be replaced with something even better. This is a chance to develop new attitudes towards money which will bring in future dividends.  Take a close look at what you depend on for security:  is it still meeting your needs?  You could be introduced to a new source of income which demands that you to step outside of your comfort zone.  You may feel like retreating but resist that urge:  there’s good things waiting for you.


This is your week to take center stage as the New Moon will occur in your sign.  This is a huge amount of energy but if anyone can handle it, you can.  You were born to take on drama so step out with your usual confidence and flare.  This is an opportunity to change how you view yourself or present yourself to the world.  Your sign excels at organization and with Saturn's influence in your sector of communications you can make serious plans for the future.  Now is the time to lay the foundations for those grand hopes and dreams.  Just remember that the word "foundations" also implies realistic limits and all will be well.


A hidden part of your life will be flooded with energy this week as the New Moon occurs in your sector of secrets and spiritual work.  This will be a bright new beginning but you could feel uneasy as it occurs in such a private area.  Something you’ve been concealing could finally be revealed or you might have a breakthrough regarding self confidence.   No matter what happens you will certainly be able to handle it:  you still have Mercury, your ruler, in Virgo which boosts your strength.  One glitch to watch for: Uranus slides back into your partnership sector and will stay until 2011.  You'll feel the effects if you were born in the later part of your sign (mid September).  This will be a final run through to make sure anything (or anyone) that needs to be cleared out is gone.


Get ready for your social life to sparkle when the New Moon occurs in your sector of friends and group activities.  Something exciting could arrive, whether it’s a new friend or a more confident attitude in your social position.  It's possible that you'll be presented with a leadership opportunity for a group or organization. You’ll be able to handle any drama with your customary charm as Venus is still in your sign, boosting your appeal.  On the relationship front, things ease off as Uranus slides out of your partnership sector until 2011.  Now that there’s been a hint of changes to come, you'll have some time to prepare for Uranus's return.


Opportunities to advance could ignite for you this week as the New Moon glows in your sector of career and status.  If you’ve been looking for a new job now is an excellent time for you to get noticed. There may also be an opportunity to make a favourable impression with management in your existing job.  Grab that ring, just use a bit of caution as the impression you make now will be difficult to change later on.  Turbulent Uranus will back out of your sector of health and day to day activities, giving you a reprieve from disruptions until 2011. Use this opportunity to take advantage of the gift you've been given in your career sector.


Your horizons should broaden this week as the New Moon is in your sector of education and travel.  This should be a very friendly New Moon for you, putting a shine on long journeys or going back to school. The energy will have a tone of celebration to it even if you’re enrolling in classes:  what you’re starting now will be close to your heart.  You might feel the need to escape as Uranus slides back into your home sector until 2011, providing one last aftershock.  Upheavals that have already happened will not be repeated though:  this time it’s about cleaning up the debris.


The rise of your career profile has got you thinking about money and this week the New Moon will be in your sector of shared resources.  There will be someone else to consider:  your partner (business or personal), the government or someone you owe money to.  Wealth could increase but it could stay the same while your spending habits grow: guard against extravagance.  Alternatively, you may be feeling generous and want to give someone a financial boost.  This is great but, once again, don't go overboard.  Use this opportunity to work with another and establish some secure financial habits which could benefit you for years to come.


The focus will be on partnerships as the New Moon occurs in your relationship sector.  This will be an excellent time to establish new goals regarding an existing relationship.  The partnership may feel demanding at the moment but this is where your attention needs to be.  If you're single, a dramatic new love interest could arrive:  enjoy the rush but watch for emotional scenes.   An issue to consider whether you're single or attached is how much attention you're prepared to give to another.  Also, start looking at how rigid your expectations are:  is it imperative that you get your way or is there room for compromise?   Be clear on what you really want and don’t be afraid to go after it.


If things have been less then stellar regarding your day to day routine you can change that.  The New Moon will occur in your sector of health and work, giving you an energizing boost.  Now is the time to start a new health or work regime.  You'll want to dive in head first but try to avoid a dramatic overhaul:  gradual changes will make a bigger impact then you think.  Speaking of changes, Uranus backs into Pisces until 2011.  You'll feel the effects if you were born around mid-March, the last few degrees of your sign.  If you embraced the changes during Uranus’s first go round there will be nothing more for this planet to do.  But if you're hanging on to anything that’s holding you back, Uranus will encourage you to let go permanently.