Weekly horoscopes for August 15th to 22nd: Venus and Mars meet in Libra


The themes of the week are relating, balancing, wants and needs as Venus and Mars meet in Libra on August 20th.  The emphasis is on your relationship to another person, even if "the other" is your own reflection.  On the same day, Mercury retrogrades in Virgo until September 12th, giving everyone an opportunity to rethink things.  Use the delays and do-overs to correct and refine.  As the Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd, we'll all become a little more conscious of what needs to be done.  Harvest time is approaching:  how are things looking from where you stand?


Your focus will be on one particular relationship as Venus and Mars meet in your partnership sector.  A new phase is unavoidable but the decisions are completely under your control:  choose carefully as the impact will be significant. Saturn's continuing influence suggests long term issues involving commitment, fairness and boundaries.  In your day to day activities, watch for hassles as Mercury's retrograde occurs in your work and health sector.  Computer glitches, miscommunications, issues with medications and generally feeling out of synch are all possibilities.  Double check everything, especially if you think you don't have time.


It's time for a new routine as Venus and Mars connect in your work and health sector.  What took some effort to get off the ground could now jump ahead.  Know that the new diet, exercise or work routine has a very good chance of sticking:  your discipline is at an all time high.  Try to maintain some balance and not swing too far in the direction of self denial.  There may be delays regarding children, creative projects or parties as Mercury retrogrades in your celebration sector.  Try to hold off starting anything new in this area until after September 12th.  Existing projects can move forward as long as you focus on the details.


You could experience a burst of artistic or social energy as Venus and Mars celebrate in your sector of creativity, parties and children.  What you've pushed for could now start to manifest.  Be aware that Saturn in this area indicates hard work and an unusual amount of seriousness.  If it feels heavy, keep pushing:  the end result will be tremendous.   As Mercury starts to reverse in your sector of home and parents, be extra cautious: decisions will change and nothing is final until after September 12th.   Mercury is your ruler so you will be extra sensitive to it's retrograde but you can use this time to revisit any outstanding family issues.


You've been feeling tremors in your home life ever since Saturn moved in and this week things will definitely shift.  Venus and Mars introduce a new era in your sector of home, childhood and parents.   Saturn says it's the real thing so move forward with the assurance that this is the only road to follow.   Changes could involve home renovations, relocating or rebalancing relationships.  Know that what's happening now was set in motion a long time ago: if you think about it, these events are not really surprising.  Mercury retrogrades in your communication sector so think, speak and plan very carefully.  Misunderstandings are unavoidable but caution and clarity can minimize any errors.


The Sun will be moving out of your sign at the end of this week but not before a juicy opportunity presents itself.  As Venus and Mars chat in your sector of communications, an idea or plan that you have been working on could finally manifest.  Ambition meets with desired results so don't hold back:  use this boost to go after what you want.  Saturn guarantees more hard work but it also means the results will be long lasting.  Mercury will retrograde in your financial sector but this doesn't have to derail your plans. If you mind the details, double check everything and keep a water tight budget you should be able to stay on track .


You'll be getting an early birthday gift as Venus and Mars unite in your sector of finances and security.   You might be presented with a financial opportunity or you may feel more secure then you have in the past few months.  Saturn's presence in this area means you won't get a huge windfall but you will be able to move forward with self assurance.  This should help balance out any hiccups that arise from Mercury's retrograde in your sign.  If you do experience delays, know that you are meant to slow down and deal with specifics.  Also, a significant person from your past may re-enter your life:  now is the time to deal with unfinished business.


What happens when your ruler joins up with her mate in your sign?  Pure romance!  As Venus and Mars dance in Libra, expect your magnetism and appeal to go through the roof.  Even with Saturn's sobering energy in the background this is a sparkling influence.   This could signal a new way of viewing yourself in relationships, with the emphasis on YOU. You've always been good at meeting other people's needs but this is the week to look at what you need.  Saturn insists that underneath the fun and romance you should take yourself seriously.  Mercury's retrograde in your sector of hidden things suggests that you'll be revisiting some fears or anxieties.  Now you can finally lay these issues to rest and step out with confidence.


Venus and Mars signal a new phase in your ongoing process of inner transformation.  You may have no control over what's happening now so let go:  you can't see the full picture yet so it's no use attempting to direct the flow.  Whether it involves a secret relationship or your relationship with yourself, close your eyes and let things fall where they may.  Watch for the return of an old friend as Mercury retrogrades in your sector of friends and groups.  There is much to be learned from this person so approach them with an open heart and mind.


There's sizzle in your social life as Venus and Mars celebrate in your sector of friends and groups.  Developments could range from meeting new friends to meeting a new love interest through your social group.  What starts out as a light hearted relationship has the potential to turn serious so keep your eyes open.  Watch for issues of balance and fairness:  are people being treated the "right" way?  Pay attention to business communications as Mercury retrogrades in your career sector.  Delays, cancelled meetings and missing emails are all possibilities. Higher ups may also temporarily renege on decisions so try to put your ambitions on hold until after September 12th.


Venus and Mars add some glitter to your public image as they join forces in your career sector.  Desire and ambition combine to bring you opportunities:  it's time to turn on the charm and play the game. You're no stranger to hard work so you should be able to embrace the longer hours that come with increased responsibility.  Use this energy wisely because Saturn will ensure that if it's not done correctly it will backfire.  Mercury's retrograde in your travel sector indicates delays so allow extra time for long distance trips.


New horizons are opening up for you as Venus and Mars meet in your sector of travel and education.  Plans for a trip may finally come together or you may decide to go back to school.  Saturn suggests a working trip or intensive schooling so be prepared to devote lots of time and energy.  What you work on now will come to fruition in about two years so patience is essential.  Mercury retrogrades in your sector of shared resources, causing delays with loans, an inheritance or a partner's finances.  These events may be worrisome but after September 12th things should be sorted out.


This week your attention will be drawn to what you share with another person.  The unification of Venus and Mars in your sector of shared resources suggests a positive outlook:  your partner could assist you financially or you may receive a bank loan.  Saturn's influence insists that there are some strings attached so make your payments on time or the consequences will be heavier then expected.  Mercury's retrograde in your partnership sector causes you to re-think an existing relationship or re-introduces someone from your past.  Use this time to go over specifics but try to hold off on decisions until after September 12th.