Weekly horoscopes for August 22nd to August 29th: the Sun moves into Virgo


The Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd, adding emphasis to Mercury retrograde (already in Virgo).  Although communication snarls and delays are to be expected there is also an upside:  Mercury retrograde is a golden window for second chances.  Look for people or circumstances to re-enter your life and present you with opportunities to correct things .  Virgo deals with self- improvement, refining, health and day to day routines.  All of these areas are now ripe for a makeover.  The Full Moon in Pisces on August 24th provides an emotional counterpoint to Virgo’s rationality:  perfection is an illusion so just do the best you can.


You may feel like avoiding the day to day details but the Sun’s entrance into your sector of work, health and service says that now is the time to fine tune.   Mercury retrograde has created glitches involving co-workers, workplace routines, prescriptions and health care providers.  These are the cogs that keep the wheel of your life rolling so it’s best to correct any problems now while they are still manageable.  The Full Moon shows you that putting your own needs aside (for now) is the best way forward even if it feels uncomfortable.


Break out the balloons and bubbly:  the Sun spotlights your sector of parties, children and creativity!  You’ll feel entitled to some play time so enjoy yourself, but be aware that Mercury retrograde could cause minor delays and misunderstandings.  If things don’t  go exactly as planned, work around them.  If a romance starts now, try to live in the moment and wait until after September 12th to see if it will last. The Full Moon could illuminate some tension between what you want vs. the wants of the group:  is there room for compromise?


Things are buzzing at your house as the Sun moves into your sector of home and parents.  Communications may be frustrating but know that all reversals will likely change again after September 12th.  Childhood issues such as sibling relations may surface allowing you to re-visit missed opportunities or mend some fences. The Full Moon increases the pressure as you become acutely aware of a tug of war between home and career.  Take any emotional reactions from superiors in stride:  this will blow over quickly.


People will pay attention to what you say this week as the Sun moves into your sector of communications. It’s essential that you think very carefully before you express yourself as Mercury is retrograde in this same area.  Miscommunications and reversals are possible:  rather then making a firm decision now, use the delay to ensure things are going exactly as they should. The Full Moon draws your attention to distant horizons, urging you to consider your options.  Be aware that what looks tempting now could change, but if it still looks good after September 12th grab it.


Finances and security are highlighted by the Sun this week.  Mercury retrograde continues to make financial planning tricky so use your organizational skills to make sure your paperwork is in order.  Keep that budget lean and mean:  now is not the time to spend lavishly.  The Full Moon occurs in your sector of shared resources, illuminating issues with a partner's finances, a loan or your own doubts and fears.  Take small, practical steps  if you start to feel overwhelmed and know that things will be much smoother after September 12th.


Happy Birthday Virgo!  As the Sun moves into your sign to join Mercury retrograde, it's time to take stock of yourself and see how far you've come. You’ve always been big on self improvement and now is an excellent time to correct anything that's not up to snuff.  If people from your past reappear, use the event as a water mark to see how you’ve changed.  The Full Moon will bring events to a head in one relationship:  observe what happens but try not to make any final decisions until after September 12th.   It’s ok to work on yourself but your partner may not be ready for their own makeover or upgrade.


The Sun stirs up some behind the scenes action as it moves into your sector of secrets and hidden things.  You won’t have all the information yet and Mercury retrograde insists that things will continue to shift until after September 12th.  This is a perfect time for journaling, counseling or any activity that allows you to share your inner most thoughts.   Resist the temptation to edit yourself and just let the words/thoughts flow.  The Full Moon indicates that some stress may spill over into your workplace:  try to take some time away from everyone and focus on yourself.  Make the phrase “still and quiet” your mantra for this week.


You can be a lone wolf at times so the Sun’s entrance into your sector of groups might make you uneasy.  Mercury retrograde draws your attention to how you think do not fit in while the Full Moon may encourage emotional self indulgence.  It’s ok to focus on your own needs as long as you don’t nurture resentment.  Use any discomfort as an opportunity to pinpoint what needs to be changed and then use your awesome powers of transformation to do so.  The return of an old friend is an opportunity to alter unproductive or stale patterns of relating.


Events in your career sector have been frustrating with Mercury retrograde in this area.  When the Sun joins Mercury these events will be emphasized but so will a solution.  Although you’d prefer to paint things in broad, enthusiastic strokes, now is the time to look at the details and take things one day at a time.  Delays will persist until after September 12th and rushing forward will only bring more grief.  The Full Moon will be emotional in your sector of home and parents:  as things come to a head use your natural optimism and generosity to buoy you up.


The Sun rises for you this week as it moves into your sector of travel and education.  Mercury retrograde presents opportunities to upgrade and return to school or re-visit a favoured destination.  This is an opportunity to do what you missed the first time around so don’t hesitate to take advantage.  Some communication blips or delays are assured so leave yourself extra time to deal with this.  The Full Moon in your sector of communications will urge you to come out with something but don’t let your emotions overrule your common sense:  say it carefully, clearly and objectively.


You may be feeling insecure as the Sun moves into your sector of shared resources.  Mercury retrograde has been causing doubts about a partner’s finances, a loan or bringing general anxieties to the fore.  The Full Moon brings these worries to a peak and it may briefly feel like your very survival is at stake.  Lay low, be gentle with yourself and if the issue is money then be as scrupulous as you can.   If past financial indiscretions return to haunt you, you should be able to clear them up by September 12th.


Partnership issues are the theme this week as the Sun moves into your relationship sector.  One relationship or your attitudes about partnership in general will be going through changes and reversals.  No decisions are final until after September 12th so you have some time to make adjustments.  The Full Moon is powerful in your sign and will emphasis your needs vs. the needs of another:  resist the avoidance urge and clarify what you need.  It is possible for events to unfold differently this time around but you have to step up and indicate where you want them to go.