Weekly Horoscopes for August 29th to September 5th: The Sun and Mercury Cross Paths


This week starts out with a gift:  a grounded Moon in Taurus flows into a trine with the Sun in Virgo on August 29th.  Everyone will benefit from this calm, secure energy as tangled situations are suddenly manageable. Mercury continues to retrograde through Virgo, crossing paths with the Sun on September 3rd and introducing a noticeable shift:  watch for breakthroughs, clarity and previously stalled communications to improve.  Saturn continues to move through Libra, urging everyone to re-balance:  what you're holding onto right now is being tested.


You're on firmer ground this week as you gain the resources to deal with work and health issues:  use your position of strength to correct or refine what (may have) previously been confusing.  The Sun and Mercury cross paths on September 3rd, signalling a shift relating to diet, medications, co-workers or workplace communications.  A relationship (or lack of one) continues to weigh on you as Saturn moves through your partnership sector but you’ll only run into trouble if you try to hang onto what you’ve outgrown.


You start this week with a warm, buoyant Moon in your sign, urging you to celebrate and enjoy the fun developments.  The Sun and Mercury  join hands briefly in your sector of parties and creations on September 3rd, signalling a sparkling high point:  what happens now is for real but nothing is set in stone. Your daily routines feel cramped as Saturn moves through your sector of work and health:  if you start to tire, know that Saturn wants you to use your ability to move forward slowly and steadily.


You’ll receive some behind the scenes support for your efforts involving home or family at the start of the week.  Whether the support comes from your own resources or a "Secret Santa", trust your instincts. Watch for a solution, breakthrough or change of position on September 3rd when the Sun and Mercury meet in your home sector.  Saturn continues to throw some tests your way and you may feel a lack of confidence or freedom to be yourself.  Continue to move forward, secure in the knowledge that the bigger the test is, the greater the reward.


A friend has your back regarding a recent misunderstanding or miscommunication.  As the Sun and Mercury cross paths on September 3rd,  you may gain some clarity or have a turning point discussion.  It’s ok if you still feel indecisive:  the time for gathering information is not yet over.  As responsibility increases on your home front, dig deep and you will find the gifts of perseverance and discipline delivered by Saturn:  you are in the process of building a new foundation for yourself.


Career and finances harmonize as you discover a way to increase profit or at least solidify your position.  September 3rd illuminates a way to pull it all together as the Sun and Mercury cross paths in your sector of finances and security. Hopefully you’ve started addressing any unfinished financial business as this is prime time to do so.  Ideas may be in short supply as Saturn moves through your sector of communications.  Now is the time to focus your concentration on what already exists: dreams and inspiration will reappear at a later date.


If you feel like you’re being dragged backwards, know that it's so you can see what you need to let go of.  The idea of new horizons can help so use this as encouragement to move on from the past. On September 3rd keep your mind open for an aha moment as The Sun and Mercury switch places.   Anxiety can be kept in check by reminding yourself that you really are doing enough, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Saturn in your sector of finances and security  pushes you to re-evaluate what you need:  financial restrictions may be daunting but you are more capable then most of spinning straw into gold.


It’s a fertile time for introspection as you deal with anxieties and continue your journey of self examination.  September 3rd presents a flash of intuition as the Sun and Mercury cross paths in your sector of secrets:   past issues bubbling to the surface need to be addressed.   Saturn in your sign continues to push you to change, restructure, refine and pare down:  you are heading towards a new chapter in your life and there is no room for anything or anyone that will not help you on that journey.


Look to your partner at the start of the week for support regarding social issues.  If you don’t have a partner then you might see how this could change.  On September 3rd the Sun and Mercury  make contact in your sector of friends and groups: now is an excellent time to makeover outdated group dynamics.  Saturn moving through your sector of the subconscious continues to transform you on the deepest level:  look for situations that are being challenged to prove their worth.


Your day to day routine will blend nicely with your career ambitions as you find support in your immediate environment   When Mercury and the Sun meet in your career sector on September 3rd, expect  issues with higher ups to come to a head.  Communication will be non stop but Mercury is still retrograde so strive for clarity in every way.  Your professional image will definitely be noticed but  whether it's in a positive or negative light depends on what you’ve done so far.  Saturn continues to bring a reality check to your sector of friends and groups as you discover who you can really count on.


This week starts out with decisions about what you need and fortunately this supports your decisions regarding education or travel.  As you continue to upgrade your knowledge or plan your trip, be aware that a high point occurs when the Sun and Mercury cross paths on September 3rd.  You may receive some delayed documents or gain some essential information.  Make sure your activities here are in line with your career ambitions as Saturn is boosting your profile with increased responsibilities.


You may find yourself scrambling to pay off a loan this week but you can find some emotional or financial support at home . A solution could present itself as the Sun and Mercury meet in your sector of shared resources on September 3rd.  Saturn urges you to get serious about expanding your horizons which, oddly enough, means narrowing them.  If you feel restricted about travelling or taking new courses know that your energy needs to be concentrated in your immediate vicinity at the moment.


As the week starts off you will find your words are well received by  a partner:  recent  issues can be discussed if you approach things from a practical viewpoint.  As the Sun and Mercury cross paths in your partnership sector a watch for a turning point or resolution: this is your chance to improve things, especially if they feel like a re-run.  If loans or a financial crisis involving your partner are weighing on you, know that Saturn is restricting your resources so you can see the reality of the situation.  The financial picture that’s being revealed may need some altering.