Caring for a Parent with Dementia: Silver Lining?

A while back I posted about a friend who had switched places with her mother:  her mom was no longer able to care for herself because of progressive dementia so my friend had become her caretaker.  Interesting stuff, but what's happening now is even more revealing.

My friend's mother was a talented artist back in the day.  She did some wonderful fashion drawings which my friend dug up and put on display at a local gallery.  The response has been overwhelming:  people want to meet the artist, feature the drawings in publications, etc. Her mother, who is still aware enough to realize what's happening, is thrilled.

Currently transiting Neptune and Chiron are in my friend's 5th house (creativity).  They are also opposing her Moon (mother)/Mars conjunction.   As I pointed out in my previous post, Neptune was dissolving and transforming the mother/daughter relationship.  Now, with help from Chiron, it seems to be healing as well.  I posted about Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and how it indicates the path to healing through the place where we hurt the most.  That certainly seems to be the case here:  my friend is taking an extremely painful time in both her and her mother's life and spinning silver out of it.