Don't be Scared, It's Just Scorpio

Tomorrow Mars will join Venus in Scorpio, giving us all a dose of unflinching honesty.   Mars is powerful here because it rules this sign.  Wait a minute....isn't Pluto supposed to be the ruler of Scorpio?  Well, Pluto was not discovered until the 1930s but astrology has been around for much longer.  Scorpio is one of the signs (the other two are Uranus and Neptune) that has a traditional and a modern ruler.

Think about the energy of Mars:  it does fit with Scorpio.  Mars is concerned with survival and has no patience with the superficial.  Sound familiar?  But Scorpio is a nocturnal sign (all the signs are classified as either diurnal or nocturnal).  The fiery energy of Mars is sublimated in this dark sign so Scorpio does not attack directly.  It is defensive...a guardian and a protector.

When getting to the truth, Mars subterranean energy is a little sneaky in Scorpio.  The infamous magnetism is that hidden power which draws people rather then going after them.  And this is how Scorpio penetrates below the surface:  it lures people in, discovers the place where they are most vulnerable then gets to the heart of the matter.

If all this sounds uncomfortable or even frightening, that's because it is.  Naked honesty is never a cake walk.  This explains why Venus, the sign that rules social niceties, is weak in this sign.   Things should get really interesting when Venus and Mars meet in Scorpio around October 3rd.  Look at where Scorpio is in your chart and you'll see where the truth will come out over the next couple of weeks.