Weekly Horoscopes for September 5th to September 12: The Week of Intensity


This is the week of intensity with the focus on September 8th as Venus moves into Scorpio and Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces.  Emotions will be amplified and it could all feel overwhelming unless we remind ourselves that honesty is the only option.  Venus in Scorpio gives us a shot of uncensored intimacy and shows us that it can be wonderful, frightening and transformative.  Jupiter in Pisces can bring past dreams back into reach but asks us to double check that they are actually attainable. 


Your motto this week is "don't be afraid of the dark" as Venus and Jupiter bring some light to the shadowy corners of your life.  Venus moves into your sector of shared resources and inner transformation, putting a smoother spin on any recent financial obligations or general anxieties.   Your personal bogey man becomes a lot less frightening and you may receive emotional or financial help from a partner.  Jupiter backs into your sector of secrets, giving you the freedom and confidence to grapple with issues that you've felt restricted on (perhaps because they were not fully understood, until now).  This is a rare chance to confront and vanquish fears that have been holding you back in multiple areas.


One on one and group relationships are highlighted this week.  Venus, your ruler, moves into your partnership sector and introduces a new level of intensity.  Compromise and good feelings will flow but interactions will have to be meaningful to hold any interest for you.  Relating on a superficial level does not cut it.  Jupiter revisits your sector of friends and groups, re-igniting a philanthropic urge, a crusade or a desire to give more of yourself to your friends.  All this intensity can be overwhelming so when you jump in remember to save some energy for yourself.


Your work life and day to day routines take on an optimistic sparkle.  Venus moves into your sector of work and health, harmonizing relations with co-workers and/or giving you a sense of physical well being.  Ironically, things might go so well that work will be the last thing on your mind. Discipline is not strong so watch for overindulgence.  Jupiter returns to your career sector, giving you another chance to be noticed or expand your business.  Opportunities for growth are present but there is a danger of over promising and under delivering.  Take the confidence you feel and focus on one realistic area of expansion.


It's time to celebrate as Venus moves into your sector of parties and creativity. Enjoy all the goodies that come with this transit:  increased creativity, a boost in confidence, a sparkling social life or good news regarding children.  Even if you just feel like kicking back and taking it easy, know that you've earned it.  Jupiter backs into your sector of travel and education, reminding you that there are still opportunities to expand your horizons.  If you've been contemplating a dream vacation or furthering your education now is a good time to set things in motion.


Things become much more agreeable on the home front as Venus moves into your sector of home and family.  Relations should go smoothly with all family members and you may have the urge to redecorate or invest in some art work.  Try to control the urge to spend lavishly as your finances are still iffy due to Mercury's retrograde influence.  Jupiter returns to your sector of financial obligations which could free up some resources to pay off a loan.  It could also intensify any  issues surrounding taxes, debts or your partner's money so stay grounded and continue to read the fine print.


If Mercury retrograde in your sign has made the right words elusive, Venus moving into your sector of communications can help.  Your opinions will be well received and you may discover hidden reservoirs of diplomacy.  Adding some sugar to your observations and critiques is not a bad thing. Jupiter returning to your sector of partnerships reminds you to keep moving forward whether you've started, altered or ended a relationship.  Freedom is the key word here and anything that happens now regarding partnerships should be expansive and beneficial for you.


With all the intensive work you've been doing on yourself it will be a relief to have Venus, your ruler, move into your sector of finances and security.  You'll find the resources to pull through or you will see how the changes you're making will benefit you. Your sense of security will improve and this is no small thing when Saturn is moving through your sign.  Jupiter backs out of your partnership sector into your sector of work and health, reminding you to attend to the details first before you plunge into a new relationship or relationship cycle.


You'll be unstoppable this week as Venus and Jupiter do their best to make you a star.  Venus moves into your sign, increasing your powers of magnetic attraction.  Be prepared for plenty of admirers and a boost to your sense of well being and confidence.  It's also possible that some hidden information regarding a relationship will now come to light.  Take note of what's unfolding but know that there is still more to be revealed.  Jupiter backing into your sector of celebrations and creativity adds an extra shot of confidence and allows you to wrap up any unfinished artistic projects.


Behind the scenes developments are brewing as Venus moves into your sector of secrets.  Information regarding relationships or money may be hidden from you or you may find yourself unable to act due to restrictions.  If you're feeling less social then usual take this opportunity to withdraw and focus on your private needs and desires.  Jupiter returns to your sector of home and family, allowing you to expand through renovations, moving to a bigger home or welcoming new family members.  Watch for legal issues from the past (divorce, custody, adoption) to reappear.


You'll be feeling more extroverted as Venus moves into your sector of friends and groups.  With all the emphasis on your career lately this will be a welcome time of socialization.  Enjoy the company but note that emotions are likely to be intense:  certain truths will be revealed and there will be no hiding behind the social veneer.  Use Jupiter's return to your sector of communications to keep the conversation open and you'll be the centre of optimism in your group.  Jupiter will also urge you to think big so make sure you don't promise more then you can deliver.


It's time for your professional image to shine as Venus moves into your career sector.  Relations with higher ups will go smoothly and it should be fairly effortless to make a favourable impression.  If you have any creative ideas now is the time to put them forward (it's also an auspicious time to ask for a pay increase).  Jupiter backing into your sector of finances and security reminds you that even if things are plentiful now they may not always be.  Saving may be the last thing on your mind but with a bit of caution and foresight you could turn a present influence into future security.


New frontiers look enticing as Venus and Jupiter show you how wonderful the future can be. Venus moves into your sector of travel and education, letting you know that now is the time to broaden your horizons.  Even if you're heading into the classroom the courses you'll be taking will be close to your heart and will feel more like enjoyment then work.  Jupiter backs into your sign once more, giving you another chance to expand your potential and reach for your dreams.  You may feel so good that you'll just want to enjoy the present but take your optimism and keep moving forward.