Horoscopes for October 10th to Ocotber 17th - Libra and Scorpio


No new transits this week but that doesn't mean nothing is happening.  Saturn, Mercury and the Sun continue to re-build and re-balance in Libra.  Logic and realism are demanded (watch for legal matters to be concluded and agreements to be made).  This is an interesting counterpoint to the deep emotions being stirred up as Venus retrograde and Mars up the ante in Scorpio.  Explosive power and transformation are available with this pair, but only after the illusions have been cleared away.


You are being presented with nothing less then a chance to transform your entire relationship profile.  Saturn, Mercury and the Sun continue to enlighten your partnership zone.  Saturn brings issues such as loneliness, compromise and boundaries to your attention.  Mercury and the Sun clarify things, helping you hone in on what works and what doesn't.  Venus retrograde and Mars stir up deeply buried partnership issues relating to finances, anxieties or self defeating behavior.  Look at what you have been willing to share on an intimate level: if it's made you feel stronger you're on the right track.


The heat is still on as Venus retrograde and Mars smolder in your partnership zone.  If relationship issues from the past have arisen, use the power you have now to confront and transform.  Watch for inescapable truths to be revealed and emotions to run deep.  Saturn continues to guide you as your daily health and work routines change.  If you feel a lack of support from those around you know that you are being urged to explore your own resources (which are more formidable then you realize). An increased work load or nagging health issue may be present but the Sun and Mercury should illuminate a way forward.  Information is your friend so look it up or consult with professionals (physicians, trainers, consultants, human resources) to get the answers.


As Saturn moves through your sector of creativity and celebrations you may find that all the non essentials (involving your social circle, creative projects or sense of self) are dropping away.  What feels like restriction or denial is actually refinement.  The Sun and Mercury are illuminating possible business/creative opportunities: as your options narrow it should become clear which path to take.  Venus retrograde and Mars are working to empower you in your day to day activities.  If any health or work issues have re-appeared know that they must be dealt with before you can move forward. The result will be a more dynamic, effective you.


Your home life continues to change as Saturn moves through your sector of home and family.  Your actual residence or your childhood attitudes and family relationships are being transformed.  If you feel a sense of isolation from family members know that this is temporary and is meant to shore up your own resources (self soothing).  The Sun and Mercury are currently energizing this area as well so you might find that the pace has picked up (with house guests and practical issues involving relocating).  Stay balanced and remember that you do not have to do it all yourself.  Give yourself a break as Venus retrograde and Mars rejoice in your sector of creativity and celebrations.  Go out, socialize, do whatever makes you feel good and know that you are irreplaceable.


You may found yourself becoming more selective about what you say as Saturn moves through your sector of communications.  Your thinking has become focused as you contemplate what is practical and necessary.  The Sun and Mercury are currently giving you a surge of energy and ideas so filter and put them to use.   Alternatively, relationships with siblings may be changing as you find your self having to shoulder some extra responsibilities.  Venus retrograde and Mars are uprooting some childhood issues or painful feelings from the past.  Stick with the process as once things are cleared out they should be gone for good.  Use this intensity to power your way through home renovations, family dynamics, habits or addictions.


Saturn reminds you to act responsibly regarding finances and budgets.  Money may be in short supply but this is an opportunity to manifest some genuine future security for yourself.  The Sun and Mercury should be giving you a few bright ideas on how to make it all work.  You might be feeling a lack of support (financial or emotional) so look at what you already have and work with it so you won't have to depend on others.  Venus retrograde and Mars in your communication sector are empowering you when you speak.  Now is an excellent time to say what you feel or write that all important email.  Messages form the past may appear, giving you something significant to work with/learn/reveal. Alternatively, ingrained thought patterns and negative thinking can now be confronted and jettisoned from your life.


Saturn continues to move through your sign, making you stronger, more focused and effective.  It's not a cake walk but the end results will be impressive.  The Sun and Mercury, also in your sign, are working with Saturn and asking you to come up with a realistic plan and stick with it.  You may be the only one who has noticed but you don't need an audience for this.  Venus retrograde and Mars are sending off depth charges in your security zone, asking you to re-define financial and/or emotional strengths.  This is a powerful influence so work on turning this area of your life into solid gold.


Things are happening behind closed doors as Saturn, the Sun and Mercury move through your sector of secrets.  This may take the form of keeping something to yourself or having a vague sense (or suspicion) of events that you are not yet clear on.  There is not much you can do so let things unfold (but know that Saturn is bringing about deep and permanent changes).  Venus retrograde and Mars in your sign continue to give you a boost and make you irresistible.  Use this added power: at the moment you can transform anything you want about yourself.


You continue to re- structure your image in the community as Saturn, the Sun and Mercury move through your sector of friends and groups.  You could cement your position, gain some authority or, alternatively, decide to withdraw for awhile.  If you are wondering where your friends are know that  Saturn's influence is making you feel a bit more isolated.  As always, Saturn's restrictions are designed to help you see what is necessary and what needs to go.  Venus retrograde and Mars in your sector of secrets could mean intriguing, hidden developments or powerful, physic experiences.  Pay attention to all dreams, flashes of inspiration and creativity.


Saturn continues to help you solidify your professional image as it travels through your career sector.  Increased responsibility, a higher profile and restructuring are all possible results.  The Sun and Mercury add fuel to business deals and communication as well as grabbing the attention of higher ups.  Now is the time to launch professional projects or send out resumes.  Venus retrograde and Mars in your sector of friends and groups could be drawing people to you like a magnet.  Pay attention to all encounters as these people could provide you with significant help in the future.


Saturn has been moving through your sector of education and long distance travel, simultaneously narrowing and focusing your horizons.  Although there may now be places you cannot go, the Sun and Mercury are showing you a way to work within this new world order.  While globe trotting may be temporarily out of the question, take a look at what remains and see where it leads.  Saturn often shows us a single path because that's where we're supposed to be.  Venus retrograde and Mars continue to work their magic in your career sector, presenting opportunities for powerful business alliances.  Whether it's a new partnership or one that you are reconsidering, think about who can get you the farthest.


What you share with others is the focus as Saturn moves through your sector of shared resources.    Agreements are solidified, boundaries are drawn or there may be less to go around.  Whether or not you have someone else's help, it's to your advantage to be as self sufficient as possible. You have more to offer (to yourself and others) then you realize.  Venus retrograde and Mars could introduce a past romance or introduce a new, long distance prospect.  Alternatively, a gripping idea, philosophy, legal matter or lifestyle may appear.  Embrace what you feel strongly about but be aware that if this is a re-run you need to look at how things unfolded last time.