Horoscopes for October 3rd to October 10th - Reality Check


It's time to get grounded and clear eyed.  The rose coloured glasses come off in Libra with the New Moon on October 7th and Mercury conjunct Saturn on October 8th. Look for fresh starts, serious discussions and realistic plans.  Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 8th, bringing back old relationships and emotional contracts.  What was left unfinished can be completed now and what's not working will be removed.


A fresh relationship chapter is introduced by the New Moon in your partnership zone.  Whatever starts now will be confirmed when Mercury and Saturn come together.  Expect discussions involving commitment, boundaries and concrete plans.  This is an excellent opportunity to reach an agreement on shared responsibilities. Venus retrograde in your sector of shared resources asks you to take another look at your material contributions or brings back unfinished business involving debts or taxes.  Alternatively, deep anxieties (especially involving relationships) may re-surface and intensify.  You now have the power to resolve these issues once and for all.


A cycle begins for you as the New Moon occurs in your sector of work and health.  This influence favours the start of routines involving diet, exercise, business discussions and relations with co-workers.  Mercury and Saturn meet to help you gather information on how to put these routines into action. Take things step by step and focus on balance and moderation.  When Venus, your ruler, goes retrograde, you may revisit some relationship issues or see the appearance of a past love.  Welcome what or whoever re-enters your life as unfinished business that must be concluded before you can move forward.


Start blazing a path to success as the New Moon occurs in your sector of creativity and celebrations.  You could see the conception of a new creative project, a reason to feel confident or a new chapter in your social/love life.  If it's meant to last it should be confirmed shortly as Mercury, your ruler, connects with Saturn.  You should see specific steps on how to get to the next stage.  This is an excellent time to speak up for what you want as your words will be well received and taken seriously.  Look for opportunities to gain some ground as Venus retrogrades in your sector of work and health.  Something in these areas could either reappear (if absent) or stall (if recently started).  Either scenario is a chance to fix what hasn't been working.


The New Moon signals a relocation, purchase, change in family relations or fresh perspective on the past.   Mercury and Saturn get down to business as documents are signed, deals established or discussions initiated.  Venus retrogrades in your sector of creativity and celebrations, introducing a past love affair or a chance to improve a creative project. If forward momentum seems to stall, don't push.  This is an empowering time in which you can re-define what makes you special before you step out on stage.


The New Moon introduces fresh ideas in your sector of communications.  Mercury and Saturn seal the deal, giving your ideas heft and respect.  You should see the most success by keeping it balanced, focused, and including everyone involved: this is not the time to go off on your own tangent.   Venus retrogrades in your home sector, revisiting a family relationship or giving you a chance to renovate (physically or emotionally).  The key here is transformation of a deeply rooted situation so don't be afraid to dig until you hit bedrock.


The New Moon occurs in your financial sector, giving you a fresh perspective on income and security. Actual increase may be slim to none but Mercury, your ruler, meets with Saturn and gives you the traction to create workable plans.  The emphasis is on real world action and manifestation.   Venus retrogrades in your sector of communications, causing you to re-think some deeply entrenched ideas .  A radical shift in your logic may be unsettling but it's necessary for new and more powerful ideas to emerge.


In last week's horoscope I said it was all about you and it looks like you're still the star of the show. The New Moon occurs in your sign, presenting you with an open door which you can walk through.   You are becoming stronger by the minute and now you can plan for the next phase as Mercury and Saturn connect.  Your thoughts should be sharp and focused but if you feel the need to withdraw use this as an opportunity to focus on yourself.  Venus, your ruler, seconds this motion as she retrogrades in your sector of security.  Look closely at your resources and, if necessary, discard what is not working for you.  This is part of the process of becoming a powerful, self sustaining individual.


Venus is retrograding in your sign, causing you to re-think some key relationship issues.  This could involve the appearance of a past love (literally or in your thoughts) so use this opportunity to do what you couldn't the first time.  The New Moon shines in  your subconscious zone, signaling a new phase of your inner development.  If things are unclear, let them settle, especially as Mercury and Saturn urge you to get serious.  This could involve a secret or information that is not quite visible yet.  Bide your time, allowing things to unfold.


Watch for  developments in your social life as the New Moon opens a door in your sector of friends and groups.  There could be an opportunity to get involved in your community by working with the public or joining an organization.  Mercury and Saturn come together, reminding you that this is all in the planning stages right now and you will have to work to make it happen.  Venus retrogrades in your sector of secrets, urging you to keep it to your self a while longer.  More is developing so keep it under wraps until all the cards are on the table.


The New Moon in your career sector highlights a business opportunity.  Now is an excellent time to start a job search or pitch an idea to superiors.  Mercury and Saturn help you plan your next move and map the foundation of a stronger career.   Venus retrogrades in your sector of friends and groups, introducing a person from the past or causing you to re-consider your affiliations.  Look around to see who is helping or hindering you and what you can do to change that.  Alternatively, if you feel less then social it's a good time to retreat and plan your next move.


The future looks inviting as the New Moon occurs in your sector of travel and education.  Opportunities exist to develop yourself with information, new philosophies or fresh destinations.  Mercury and Saturn ask that you take this seriously and focus on one, doable option.   Venus retrogrades in your career sector, urging you to pause and look at your business alliances: are they empowering or draining you?  If a partnership stalls or falls through, just let it go.


The New Moon signals the next stage after the conclusion of a financial deal. This could involve taxes, loans or resources shared with a partner.  Mercury and Saturn come together to ensure that everything is fair and above board.  Use this time to gain control of your financial situation and hit the ground running by being informed and reading the fine print.  Venus retrograde causes you to re-think a belief or ideal.  Take stock of where you are now and see if your world view is at the same level.