The Truth Whether You Want it or Not - Mercury in Scorpio

On October 20th Mercury enters Scorpio.  What happens when the planet that rules communication slips into the shadow realm?  Secrets, you would think.  Scorpio is known for the deep, dark velvety ugliness that no one wants to acknowledge.

Actually, Scorpio is one of the more truthful signs.  Part of Scorpio's fascination with the depths is that, often, the truth is not floating around on the surface.  You have to dig deep to get to the facts and no one does this better then Scorpio.  Investigations, inquisitions, research and any taboo knowledge is Scorpio territory.

So the upside of Mercury in Scorpio is the opportunity to find out what's really going on.  Secrets are churned up, whether we want them exposed or not.  The downside is hammering away at something in search for a truth that doesn't exist.  Obsession and paranoia (such as the Salem witch trials ) can flourish under Mercury in Scorpio transits.  Mercury was in Scorpio ( November, 1688) when Rev. Samuel Parris, the Puritan Minister during the trials, first preached in Salem.

Are you hiding something?  Or are you bent on finding something that doesn't exist?  Either tactic will get you in trouble during this transit.

Photo:  "Scared Child Alone in the Dark" taken by D Sharon Pruitt under Creative Commons License