Good Stuff: What Will Jupiter Bring You?

Today the Sun enters Sagittarius so I thought I'd write about Jupiter, its ruler.  Everyone loves Jupiter.  Jupiter transits promise abundance and good feelings. It rules strawberries and sapphires, affluence and applause.   It gives us the glow of optimism that will not quit.  A common belief is that the goody bag is arriving where ever Jupiter is transiting your chart.  It's known as a "lucky" planet. What's not to love?

Jupiter works by expanding anything it touches.  It pushes back boundaries and opens our eyes to the larger picture.  The details are lost with Jupiter (Mercury, the lord of minutia, rulers Sagittarius's opposite sign of Gemini).  It increases our sense of potential and freedom but it does not change reality.  This becomes relevant when you realize that, before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces.  Dreamy Pisces perfectly captures Jupiter's potential to disconnect from reality.

So under Jupiter transits it's easy to feel superhuman.  And with the right blend of natal potential and awareness you can accomplish so much. The downside is inflated ego and promising more then you can deliver.

Jupiter is also associated with philosophy and justice (higher education, judges and lawyers are ruled by Jupiter). Jupiter asks us to take responsibility for our actions and monitor ourselves during its transits.  Do we know when enough is enough?  Do we even know what an opportunity looks like when it's placed in front of us?    Because something else Jupiter expands is the desire to do nothing. Life is good and you're feeling so relaxed, why not just kick back?   People often miss out on entire Jupiter transits this way.

Jupiter went direct on November 18th and will return to Aries on January 22nd, 2011.  Aries is where it will be transiting in your chart and that's where the opportunities will be.  Jupiter transiting the 7th House of partnerships might introduce a new, expansive relationship. It can also signify the potential for divorce (only if the relationship is doing badly in the first place).  Freedom, remember?  Jupiter transiting the 2nd House of finances can signify a pay increase but it can also stimulate your desire to spend what you don't have.  Jupiter in aspect to any of your planets will expand the energy that's already there.

Where will Jupiter be transiting in your chart and what can you do with it?