Weekly Horoscopes for November 21st to November 28th: Sun Moves Into Sagittarius


The Full Moon in Taurus on November 21st focuses attention on security needs.  Decisions regarding what works for you are now unavoidable. The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd, adding fuel to the fire that Mercury and Mars have already started there.  Big ideas get bigger and activity goes through the roof.  Look for Sagittarius in your chart and this area should be packed with energy and potential.


The Sun lights up your sector of travel, education and philosophy. Plans regarding new belief systems, vacations or furthering your education are ready to be actualized. Opportunities are multiplying as you read this and your horizons are limitless.  The Full Moon in Taurus emphasizes your security (emotional or material).  Being independent does not negate wanting to feel secure: it's ok (and necessary) to acknowledge what you want now.


The Full Moon in the last degrees of your sign brings an issue to completion. Relationships (starting or ending), plans for your self or security needs will all reach an emotional culmination.  The Sun moves into your sector of shared resources, stirring up anxieties and opportunities.  It's time to face those long standing fears and, in the process, discover new opportunities for growth on the emotional and material plane.


The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your partnership sector, increasing the focus on an already hot relationship issue.  Things may be racing ahead but you have more power then you think as long as you keep it optimistic.  Initiate that discussion and keep talking: blowups are likely but should pass over quickly. The Full Moon in your sector of secrets brings something hidden to a boil.  Unacknowledged feelings of jealousy, possessiveness or insecurity may come out of left field.  Think it/talk it through as your powers of communication are supercharged right now.


The Sun turns up the heat as it joins Mercury and Mars in an already bustling sector of your life.  Work and life in general have been hopping and show no sign of slowing down. The good news is you'll have energy to burn and plenty of opportunities to get new work or exercise routines off the ground.  Keep your eyes open for "lucky" occurrences in your day to day routines. The Full Moon in your sector of friends and groups shows you where you stand in relation to others.  It's decision time regarding friendships or becoming part of (or leaving) groups.


You've been on a roll lately and that's set to continue.   The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your sector of creativity and celebrations.  Success, confidence, new love affairs and issues involving children are all highlighted.  It's your time to shine and socialize. The Full Moon in your career sector brings an emotional change to a work issue. You'll decide if you're truly happy with the direction you're heading or if something's missing. Business opportunities will come to fruition or wither due to insurmountable obstacles.


The Sun enters your sector of home and family, adding fuel to an already busy time.  Home repairs, family issues and house guests are all part of the theme.  Fortunately you'll be feeling energized in this area and able to handle it all. All this energy can cause tempers to flare so be prepared to take a step back and you'll be fine. The Full Moon finalizes decisions regarding long range plans or what you want to do "out there".  This time it really is just a matter of going with what feels good.


If you've got something to say, now's the time to say it as the Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your sector of communications.  New ideas are highlighted as are energetic discussions and plans for the future.  Don't be afraid to think big and talk expansively.  If your ideas are challenged resist the urge to argue as conflict is a given at the moment. The Full Moon brings some anxieties to the surface which may feel overwhelming.  Fortunately you've been in a positive and ambitious state of mind so this will just be one more thing for you to conquer.


The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your sector of security, opening up opportunities for emotional and financial gain.  Real chances to increase your income will present themselves, giving you an excellent opportunity to shore up your resources. The only thing to watch for is the temptation to spend more then you have.  The Full Moon in your relationship sector brings a partnership issue to a head.  It's decision time and your feelings will make it obvious what you have to do.


You are a force to be reckoned with as the Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your sign.  Ambition, expansive ideas and endless energy are all on tap.  Enjoy the trip but make sure you don't take on more then you can handle.  You'll be tempted to overload your plate because you'll feel invincible.  The Full Moon in your sector of day to day routines brings a health or work issue to a head. Make sure you step back and take care of yourself along with all the other issues that will be clamoring for your attention.


The Sun moves into your sector of secrets, causing you to pull back and take stock.  Things are brewing in the background which you may or may not be aware of.  Don't fight it if your ambition or sociability is waning at the moment.  Very soon you'll be in the spotlight so this is an opportunity to plan your next move.  The Full Moon in your sector of creativity and celebrations signals the culmination of a love affair, creative project or something that you've been working on for yourself.


The Sun joins Mercury and Mars into your sector of groups. New arrivals could now prove beneficial and group activities can lead you places you never thought possible. It is definitely time to expand your social circle.  The Full Moon in your sector of home and family brings parental and childhood issues to a head.  A new relationship phase could begin or you'll see why certain ties need to be cut.  Security issues rooted in the past will need to be addressed.


The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your career sector, giving your professional profile a boost.  Expect things to get even busier then they have been.  Watch for opportunities to expand your business through networking and discussions.  This is one of the most successful times of the year for you and a chance to move your career to the next level.  The Full Moon in your sector of communications will add an emotional component to any decisions you make now.  You can manifest what you are thinking so follow your instincts and you'll be on the right track.

Katja Faith