Horoscopes for December 19th to December 26th: Eclipse on the Winter Solstice


The Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st, ushering in the Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year.  How appropriate to have a lunar eclipse on the same night in the very last (29th) degree of Gemini.  Lunar eclipses are about thresholds and endings, the necessary pause before new beginnings.  In Gemini we can expect a completion in matters relating to communications, messages and siblings.


Things couldn't get any hotter in your career sector as the Sun joins Mars and Pluto.  Almost anything you do regarding your career will grab the attention of higher ups so be strategic. You have the power regarding business deals but avoid the temptation to mow people down: power struggles can easily back fire on you. The lunar eclipse ushers in a major culmination involving messages and communications.  Watch for discussions to be finalized or matters involving siblings to come to a head.


The Sun enters your sector of travel, education and philosophy, given you even more reasons to spread your wings.  If it's new it will be tempting right now and there's no reason why you shouldn't explore.  Channel that ambition and strike out in a new direction.  The lunar eclipse reveals what's working and what isn't regarding finances and security.  It will be obvious if it's time to seal the deal or give up on an idea altogether.


The Sun spotlights fears, anxieties or financial issues that have been stirred up lately.  You've been learning an entirely new way to deal with what troubles you and you'll find that process accelerated now.  Alternatively, the power balance regarding loans, taxes or wills could shift in your favour.  The lunar eclipse occurs in the last degree of your sign, signaling an ending, culmination or permanent transformation.  Events or people from the past may return just so you can tie up those loose ends.


The Sun moves into your partnership sector, signaling even more transformations and upheavals.  It may seem never-ending but deep inside you know that the changes are long overdue.  Watch what's revealed this week:  even if you feel powerless know that the final outcome will be in your favour.  The lunar eclipse may heighten your desire for solitude.  This can be an especially intuitive time for you so pay attention to dreams and gut feelings.


The Sun moves into your sector of work and health, highlighting some over due changes.  Health issues or conditions around the office will need to be addressed now if you haven't already started.  Use your energy and ambition to improve things for yourself and others.  The lunar eclipse brings events to a head regarding friends and groups.  You may find out what others are really saying about you or make a decision to close certain doors.


Your self confidence soars as the Sun enters your sector of celebrations and creativity.  You've been learning to see yourself in a brand new light and now you'll get an added boost.  It's ok to stand up and be noticed.  It's unavoidable, actually.  Show everyone what you have to offer.  The lunar eclipse puts a grace note on career issues.  If it's not in line with the new you that's emerging then you'll find the door is shut for good.  Use it as an opportunity to explore better options.


There's been so much happening around your home lately that the Sun's entrance into this sector may seem like the last straw.  It's really an opportunity to push forward with added clarity and insight.  You'll understand what needs to be done regarding family power struggles and childhood issues.  The lunar eclipse can bring unrealistic ideas to an end or reveal your next step regarding future plans.


It's all about what you have to say as the Sun enters your sector of communications.  Powerful ideas and messages will be the focus so say what's needed but do it with care.  Watch for arguments that feel far more important then they are.  Alternatively, power struggles involving siblings may erupt.  The lunar eclipse may bring some deep seated fears to the surface.  Know that you are meant to examine what's there because the solution is within reach.


Money and security are the focus as the Sun moves into your sector of possessions.  Expect an acceleration of existing changes to what you have, what you need and how you can get it.  Opportunities for financial growth become clear so don't hold back on necessary changes.  The lunar eclipse brings a relationship issue to a head with endings or a change of status.


It your time to dazzle as the Sun joins Mars and Pluto in your sign.  You're a powerhouse of energy  right now and show no signs of slowing down.  You have been transforming yourself on the deepest level and now you should see some rewards.  The lunar eclipse brings health or work issues to a head:  any neglected problems will make themselves known.  Alternatively, if you've been taking care of business you could see a welcome resolution.


The Sun joins Mars and Pluto in your sector of secrets, adding power to a hidden part of your life.  You may want to retreat or you may find developments behind the scenes overwhelming. Sit back and wait it out because there's much more going on then you realize.  The lunar eclipse presents the culmination of a creative project or romance.  Things will end or move on to the next stage:  all you have to do is wait for what happens next.


The Sun moves into your sector of friends and groups, adding even more power to this already potent area.  Now is the time to get out and mingle because the connections you make will benefit you in the long run. You have a rare opportunity to transform other's lives so if you're feeling altruistic find a group to focus your energy on.  The lunar eclipse brings resolution to a family or childhood issue.  Pay special attention to communications with siblings or cousins.