Horoscopes for December 26th to January 2nd: Happy New Year!


2010 ends on a powerful note as the Sun and Pluto unite in Capricorn on December 27th. This is a major power signature so expect issues of personal/public transformation and authority to take precedence. On December 30th Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius, pulling us into 2011 on a surge of optimism and expansion.  Best wishes to everyone for a New Year full of potential!


What a fabulous way to end the year!  The Sun connects with Pluto in your career sector, allowing you to direct the flow of events to your advantage. Watch for a specific opportunity regarding advancement or promotion. Mercury turns direct, signalling forward momentum involving travel and plans for expansion. You're the master of your destiny right now so think big and reach far.


The sky's the limit as the Sun and Pluto join forces, giving you the power to push things as far as you want.  Whether you try something new and adventurous or take on the powers that be, you stand a good chance of coming out ahead.  Issues involving law and justice can work in your favour as you discover necessary resources.  Mercury turns direct and gives you a shot of optimism regarding fears and anxieties.  Ring in the New Year with the confidence that you can and will be spreading your wings.


This is the week that you get a handle things.  Debts, loans or your partner's finances all become manageable as the Sun and Pluto unite and hand you the reins.  You could uncover hidden resources (material or emotional) and make more progress then you ever thought possible.  Stalled issues regarding a relationship move forward as Mercury (your ruler) goes direct.  It's decision time so make sure you start the New Year off on the right foot.


Big things are happening in your love life as the Sun and Pluto come together.  A major transformation or power shift is likely but it won't be a surprise.  Think about what's been brewing and you'll have an idea what to expect.  Mercury's direct motion gives you a break or resolution regarding health or work issues.  Definite progress can be made in 2011 so be aggressive when gathering information or presenting your ideas.


There's a major breakthrough coming up regarding health or work issues.  The Sun (your ruler) and Pluto combine to give you the determination and resources needed to push through blocks involving workplace or lifestyle changes.  You'll be crystal clear on what you need to do so jump in, even if it seems daunting.  Mercury goes direct and gives you an extra shot of confidence and optimism.  You have everything you need to sail into the New Year and make it a success.


Are you ready to take center stage as 2010 draws to a close?  The Sun conjunct Pluto says that you are:  success, public acclaim or recognition are all distinct possibilities.  If you've been putting serious effort into something for yourself you'll reap the benefits.  If you've been focusing on others,  you'll see why it's important that you focus on yourself instead.  Mercury goes direct, moving home and family discussions forward.


There's been some changes on the horizon involving your home and this week the transformation starts.  The Sun and Pluto unite in your sector of home and family, putting a relocation, renovation or parental issue in motion. These changes will be permanent, allowing you to rebuild your foundations in order to support a wiser, stronger you.  Mercury goes direct, giving your thoughts a jolt of optimism and expansion.  Suddenly, it really does seem that the New Year can offer you what you want.


What do you want to happen in the New Year?  Be careful how you answer this question because the Sun and Pluto (your ruler) are working overtime to ensure that your thoughts become reality.  You have focus and power:  what you communicate will have a serious impact. There has never been a better time to put your plans in motion.  Mercury goes direct in your sector of security, presenting you with a financial or emotional turnaround.


Just in time for the close of 2010, Mercury goes direct in your sign and helps you clear out the past.  Lingering associations can be left behind as you stride forward.  The Sun and Pluto unite to present you with a concrete vision of your financial and emotional security.  Things have been changing in this area and the old ways of looking after yourself are fading.  Relationships that you no longer need are ending and a new way of managing your resources is emerging.


Get ready to conquer the world in 2011!  Well, not really, but you'll certainly have power to burn as you take control of your own world.  The Sun and Pluto meet in your sign, giving you the focus and resources you need to reach all of your goals.   Mercury goes direct in your hidden sector, bringing  events close to the surface.  Secrets are about to be revealed and you'll be in full control of the results.


2010 ends on an intriguing note as the Sun and Pluto set off a depth charge in your sector of secrets.  Powerful transformations are taking place but they are on such a deep level that no one, including you, may notice initially.  Rest assured this will not be the case for long:  the first few months of 2011 will reveal some changes and by the end of the year you won't even recognize yourself.  Mercury goes direct in your sector of friends and groups, showing you exactly who is on your side.


What will be your place in society in 2011?  You're about to find out as the Sun and Pluto meet in your sector of friends and groups.  Powerful alliances could be made or broken as you redefine your relationship to others.  You may also find yourself in a position of authority and you are definitely up to the challenge.  Mercury goes direct in your career sector, ending confusion and allowing business deals to progress.