Things To Do During Mercury Retrograde

On December 10th Mercury goes retrograde (until December 29th).  Just in time for the holiday season.  Most of us cringe at the thought of having to deal with holiday insanity when the planet of logic and communication is moving backwards. FYI, it's not actually going in reverse, it just looks that way from where we're sitting.  Here's a technical definition if you're interested.

Anyway, bad news all around, right?  Maybe at Ruby Slipper I like to look at the flip side of things (I have Mercury retrograde in my natal chart).  While it's not the best idea to start something brand new or sign important documents, here are some activities that could actually go well:

  • Contact someone from your past
  • Tackle projects that need re-doing
  • Meditate
  • Take another shot at a missed opportunity
  • See someone (or be seen) in a new light

Mercury retrograde is all about thinking differently, internal as opposed to external, past instead of future.  Work with it and see what happens.