Astrology and Self-Help

Confession time: I get depressed easily and I'm a low energy person.  I'm not telling you this so you'll feel sorry for me, I'm using it to illustrate the theme of this post which is working with what you've got.

My chart has no planets in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).  No angles or Nodes either.  The fire signs represent optimism and hope for the future.  Without them it's a challenge to access these feelings.  Having said this, I'm going to add that I have no desire to curl up under my desk and hide (at least, not always).  I want to succeed and I find that being optimistic feels a lot better then the alternative.  Like everyone else, I do have fire planets (Mars, the Sun and Jupiter) in my chart so I use those.  My Mars and Jupiter make a supportive sextile with each other so that's a nice pool of energy right there.  My Sun makes no aspects to any other planets but that means its energy is undiluted.

My point is that everyone has some challenges.  Whether they are anti-social, unfocused, addicted, self centered, whatever.  These issues will show up in their chart but so will the tools to work around them.  Everyone...I don't care who they are....has potential in their natal chart.  It's the ultimate self-help resource.