Dream Come True This Weekend? The Waxing Moon in Pisces

If you believe that the Moon influences our lives.....drawing things out as it moves towards fullness and closing things down as it darkens.....then you should pay attention to it's phases and the signs that it passes through. The Moon enters Pisces tonight at 9:57 pm (EST) and stays there until 10:24 am, January 10th.  That's a good, long stretch and could make for a very interesting weekend.

The Moon is currently increasing in fullness (waxing) and when the Moon is getting bigger it's a good time to start new things.  It's also a good time to "ask" for things you want to increase.  Ask is in quotes because it takes more effort then just sitting there, wanting something to happen.  You need to back your desire up with intention and action.  Some examples?  First dates are really nice if you want a relationship to develop.  Starting a new  routine or working on your self confidence, relationships, art collection, etc. can be beneficial during this Moon phase.

Pisces is a potent sign because there's no boundaries (Pisces is ruled by Neptune which dissolves restrictions).  No boundaries can also mean that reality is an iffy concept so you have to double check that your dreams are actually possible.  Pisces is creative, emotional, dreamy and romantic so if you're looking to start anything that requires practicality this probably isn't the best time.

Creative projects can flourish under this Moon, as can anything involving performance or illusion.  Romance is tricky because there's the dual potential for ecstasy and delusion.  Deception can run at an all time high but so can the dissolution of mistrust and suspicion.   Look at what's happening in your life right now and see if it can be improved or exacerbated this weekend.  As usual, it's all up to you.