Jupiter And Your Moon in Aries

If your Moon is in Aries you'll be getting a boost from Jupiter. The planet of possibility is transiting through Aries between now and June.  Jupiter expands your sense of potential and when it passes over your Moon (emotions) this can translate into buoyant feelings.  If your Moon is in the early degrees of Aries (0-5)  you could be feeling it already.

Jupiter also increases what's already there.  So, if your Aries Moon is impatient, selfish, impulsive, restless or courageous you can expect even more of this.  Any emotional situation can become volatile before you know it.  The urge for freedom can be pronounced as Jupiter is the significator of travel, exploration and foreign countries.

The Moon also represents women in your life so keep an eye on things between you and your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, etc.  Developments will likely be positive but this is a bit of a wild card influence.

If you want to know exactly when you'll receive this influence, Astrodienst is an excellent site to find free natal charts with transits.  You'll need your birth time for this one (the position of the Moon in your chart varies according to what time you were born).

Is your Moon in Aries?  What emotional situations are percolating in your life right now?