Horoscopes for January 2nd to January 9th: Solar Eclipse


January 4th is a day to watch:  the New Moon solar eclipse happens at 13 degrees Capricorn and Jupiter and Uranus meet at 27 degrees Pisces.  This double event implies new beginnings involving established structures (Capricorn) supported by an unexpected (Uranus) expansion (Jupiter) of possibilities (Pisces).  So expect the unexpected and use it as a way to break free of whatever has been holding you back.  Venus moves into Sagittarius on January 7th, giving everyone an optimistic view of the future.


The solar eclipse sets your career on fire.  There will be an accelerated start, not just in a new project or job, but in your entire view of your future.  You can manifest success for yourself so put your all into that career change, pivotal meeting or bid for promotion.  This drive for the future is complimented by Jupiter and Uranus freshening things up behind the scenes:  anything that's been holding you back will now be cleared away. Meanwhile, Venus moves into your sector of opportunity, clearing a path for you to spread your wings.


It seems as if there's nothing you can't accomplish as the solar eclipse lights up your sector of opportunities.  Travel, education, lucky breaks and expansive thinking are all exceptional areas for you this month.  You may set off in a brand new direction or experience a radical shift in your ideals. Pay particular attention to friends and groups as Jupiter and Uranus urge you to open up and accept a new association. Venus, your ruler, moves into your sector of shared resources.  Watch for opportunities and solutions regarding debts and your partner's finances.


Get ready for a radical shift in your financial landscape as the solar eclipse occurs in your sector of shared resources.  If you've been struggling with debts or issues involving your partner's finances, you could now be presented with a breakthrough.  This eclipse is all about manifesting something material so watch for opportunities to break away from old conditioning regarding money or fear of failure. This break from the past will be especially evident in your career sector as Jupiter and Uranus  present you with a chance to put your job on a whole new path.  Venus moves into your partnership sector, adding a rosy glow to an existing relationship or the promise of a new one.


The solar eclipse occurs in your partnership sector, heralding a new chapter in your relationship.  You and your significant other may decide to take it to the next level or, if things have been going poorly, part company.  Whatever happens will be an unmistakable  break from the past.  If you're single, this eclipse could herald the entrance of an important relationship into your life. Jupiter and Uranus meet in your sector of travel, education and opportunities:  watch for an unexpected chance to explore something brand new. Venus enters your sector of day to day activities, bringing relief and harmony to your work or health situation.


Work and health issues are the focus as the eclipse occurs in your sector of day to day activities.  Here is your chance to manifest solid results by starting a new exercise/diet regime or changing your work routine.  You could see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding ongoing health issues as long as you stick to a prescribed course.  Jupiter and Uranus meet in your sector of shared resources, accelerating a shift regarding financial or emotional hang ups.  If you explore your fears now you could dissolve whatever has been holding you back. Venus moves into your sector of celebrations and creativity, adding some sparkle to your social life and public appeal.


The solar eclipse urges you to shine as it lights up your sector of celebrations and creativity.  With a bit of effort you can easily gain the recognition you deserve or manifest something that will make you feel very, very good.  Now is not the time to be humble.  You deserve the very best and the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction in your partnership sector will show you this.  Be prepared for fresh possibilities or a change of status.  Whether you are single or attached, it is time to break away from old habits and expectations.  Venus moves into your sector of home and family, bringing you some harmony and/or financial opportunities.


The solar eclipse urges you to leave the past behind as it shows you a bright new start in your sector of home and family.  Entrenched attitudes, grudges, or situations can all be blown away.   This fresh start will be reflected in your day to day activities as Jupiter and Uranus meet, offering a breakthrough regarding health issues or a dramatic shift in your workplace. Venus (your ruler) moves into your communications sector, giving your words extra charm and persuasion.  Your thinking will have an optimistic sparkle as well.


If you have something to say, the solar eclipse will make sure that you're heard as it spotlights your sector of communications.  You may deliver (or receive) a life changing message or experience a shift in previously entrenched thought processes.  Alternatively, watch for new developments involving siblings.  Jupiter and Uranus give you a boost involving recognition or a creative project: inspiration and expectation could be off the charts so don't hold back.  Venus moves into your sector of security, brining you financial opportunities, windfalls or a general increase in your feeling of well-being.


Your security gets a major boost as the solar eclipse occurs in your sector of resources.  You can now manifest a financial increase (via a raise or new income stream) or set yourself on a whole new path regarding your budget.  What you start now will have real consequences so don't waste this opportunity to overhaul the way you manage your money.  Household expenses are especially significant as Jupiter (your ruler) and Uranus meet in your sector of home and family, expanding a situation or giving you clarity.  Venus enters your sign, giving you extra sparkle and popularity.  You could find yourself attracting money as well.


There's been a steady increase of power in your sign and now it culminates with the eclipse.  You have a major opportunity to start fresh, re-make yourself or move forward with your ambitions.    Jupiter and Uranus meet in your communications sector, bringing you a surprise message or expanding what you have to say so that everyone hears it.  If it seems radical or out of step with what you usually do then you're on the right track.  Venus moves into your sector of secrets, offering intriguing background developments.


The solar eclipse occurs in your sector of secrets, giving you a fresh start regarding a hidden relationship, project, dream or ambition.  You can move forward now, even if it seems that you're on your own. Jupiter and Uranus (your ruler) can help you on your journey as they meet in your sector of resources:  watch for a surprising or creative way to expand your security.  Venus moves into your sector of friends and groups, showing you that you do have people on your side.

Situations involving the public will come to a head as the solar eclipse occurs in your sector of friends and groups.  Powerful new associations may enter your life or non- productive ones may end.  Your position may change dramatically if you are part of an organization.  Watch for new ways to promote yourself as Jupiter and Uranus meet in your sign.  It's been a tumultuous ride for you and these two planets are ending it with a gift:  a chance to make your dreams real. Venus moves into your career sector, favouring business associations.  This is THE time to net work as you will gain more recognition then you ever thought possible.