Money and Emotions

A friend of mine recently commented that money is an emotional matter.  This was a little surprising to hear because she's always been very controlled about her finances, saving and investing the way most people should but don't.  Lately she's been more preoccupied then usual with her investments so I took a quick peek at chart to see what was up.

She has Saturn in Cancer in the 2nd House.  So right there is her concern with money.  The 2nd House represents emotional and material security.   Cancer (ruled by the Moon) will increase the absolute need to feel secure. But Saturn in Cancer feels that there is never enough security.  It also makes someone very cautious.  So we can see how this would translate into hanging onto every penny.

But what's been happening lately?   Saturn is transiting Libra in her 5th House and squaring her natal Saturn. Saturn square Saturn compels someone to look at the goals they have set so far and see if they are in line with the future.  In my friends case, she is taking stock of how she has been expressing the relationship (Libra) between her ego (5th House) and money.

This doesn't mean that she's been doing anything wrong.  Transits from the outer planets draw attention to certain parts of your life, like testing a structure to see if it's sound.  If everything's solid, you move on.  If there are some cracks, it's time to make repairs.