Predicting Pregnancy

Recently I was asked to look at someone's chart to see if she might be pregnant.  This got me thinking:  what are some pregnancy indicators in astrology?  Sure, you can go to the doctor or buy a home pregnancy kit but this is more interesting.

The first thing I look at is the condition of the person's 5th House (children).  Are there any planets there?  Which ones?  Saturn in the 5th can sometimes indicate no children or a pregnancy late in life.  Is the house in a fertile sign?  All the water signs and, to a lesser extent, Taurus, Libra and Capricorn are considered fertile. What's happening with the house ruler (the planet that rules the sign the house cusp falls in)? For example, a 5th house cusp in Pisces would be ruled by Neptune. Are transiting planets making any aspects to Neptune?  Maybe it's getting hit by transiting Pluto (transformations) or Uranus (unplanned pregnancy).

Next I look for transits or progressions moving through the person's 5th house.  Any transiting or progressed planet will activate this area (even Saturn).   Saturn is not usually associated with pregnancy but it could represent the increased responsibility that comes with having a child.

The person's Moon (representing mother) always speaks loudly about an impending pregnancy.  An aspect from transiting Jupiter (abundance) to the natal Moon could be an indicator (but this aspect does not automatically mean that someone is pregnant).

Can't forget about the progressed Moon.  Has it moved into one of the fertile signs?  What sort of aspects is it receiving from transiting planets?

I've just scratched the surface here.  There are many, many combinations of planets and signs which could indicate pregnancy.  It really depends on the state of the person's chart.  In general, planets such as the Moon,Venus and Jupiter are favorable.  Saturn and Pluto are not considered favorable but they can go both ways.  Pluto represents major life changes but also death and decay.  Saturn covers responsibility but also restrictions.

If you've been pregnant, what was happening with your chart at the time?