Am I Their Type? Valentine's Day Post - Part 1

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  Like it or not, this day is all about romance so I thought I'd do a two part post on attraction.

Wouldn't it be great if you could know that you were someone's type (or not) without them ever having to say a word?   Well, with astrology this is possible.  Of course, you need information such as the person's place, date and time of birth.  But once you've got that you're laughing.

A person's chart tells you exactly who they are attracted to.  Exactly.  As in no shades of gray and no wiggle room.  So in order for you to get together with the man or woman of your dreams you must match the profile of the person they are drawn to.   There are many, many factors that need to be considered but here is the minimum that you need to know:

  • the sign on the cusp of their 7th house and the location of the ruling planet of that sign
  • the location of their Venus if it's a man's chart
  • the location of their Mars if it's a woman's chart

Let's say a man has Venus in Virgo and Aries on his 7th House cusp.  Venus symbolizes the type of woman he is drawn to.  So he is attracted to women who are perfectionists and on a endless self -improvement quest.  But Aries rules his 7th House of partnerships so in a relationship she needs to wear the pants.  If we put Mars (ruler of Aries) in his 10th House of career we see that she needs to be ambitious and aggressive.   Let's put his Sun in his 5th House (ego) right beside his Venus.  Now she also needs to shine as his Queen.  That's quite the package he's looking for but it's all there in black and white (theoretically).  Shy, retiring types need not apply.

If we look at a woman's chart, we focus on her Mars to see the type of man she is attracted to.  If she has Mars in Scorpio she likes the intense, controlling types.  The guy sitting off to the side, not because he's shy but because he wants to observe her to make sure she's his type.   If we put Mars in her 4th House of family this means she also wants him to be a homebody, someone she can curl up on the couch with.  Let's put Pisces on her 7th House cusp.  As a partner he must be sensitive, intuitive, imaginative and even a little vague.  Artists yes, accountants no.  Then Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is in her 12th House of secrets.  Now he must be discreet and possibly forbidden (a married man).

This is a basic outline but you get the idea.  But what if someone's type is an addict, abusive, or chronically unavailable?    Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I explore a few ways to get around a less then healthy partner profile.

Photo Credit: Natalie Shau