Horoscopes for February 13th to February 20th: Sun in Pisces & Full Moon in Leo


The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18th, drawing your attention to what transcends and dissolves the ego. Just to make things interesting, the Full Moon in Leo happens on the same day.  Leo is all about ego, feeling special and gaining recognition.  This is a tricky blend of two very different energies so be prepared for drama and possible hurt feelings.  The upside?  Emotional breakthroughs that can blow you out of the water and put you on a whole new path.


The Sun moves into your sector of secrets, illuminating hidden resources and developments.  If you look inside, behind or underneath you could find more then expected.  The Full Moon engages you in a creative project, social scenario or new love which can be exciting and unsettling. Events may cause you to question if you have what it takes. Rest assured that you do.


The Sun moves into your sector of friends, putting the focus on your place in society. Forming new connections with the group is on the agenda but you may find that this conflicts with home and family. The Full Moon stirs up domestic issues, causing pitched emotions and dramatic scenarios. The good news is that this marks a definite conclusion. Are you willing to let go of past issues and move on?


The Sun moves into your career sector, urging you to take an overview of your current and future options.  You've experienced some major career upheavals in the past few years and now you can view the results.  The Full Moon will push you to make emotional statements about work that may not go over well with others.  Whether this is due to a buildup of frustration or a disagreement over changes, you must remember that it's not all about you.


The Sun moves into your sector of opportunities, turning your attention to new horizons.  Education, travel, or major shifts in ideals are now on the menu.  Some of this could feel quite threatening as the Full Moon cranks up your security fears.  Worries about losing what you have could cause you to cling stubbornly to a known quantity.  It's time to let some new opportunities in.  These changes can actually give you what you need if you allow them to work their magic.


The Sun moves into your sector of shared resources, illuminating concerns with taxes, debts, your partner's resources or a specific anxiety.  You may feel overwhelmed, especially with the Full Moon in your sign bringing emotions to a peak.  Step forward with your usual boldness and tackle this issue head on. You'll see gratifying results as soon as you take action.


Partnership issues are the theme as the Sun moves into your relationship sector.  Your love life has gone through some dramatic ups and downs over the past few years and this week could prove to be a turning point.  Fears about not being good enough may be stirred up by the Full Moon but resist the urge to retreat.  If you confront this challenge you could reveal a whole new level of inner fortitude that surprises everyone, including yourself.


The Sun moves into your sector of day to day activities, turning your attention to health or work matters.  Practical issues need to be addressed now, even as the Full Moon pulls your attention to friends or groups.  You could experience a significant emotional conflict between taking care of business and social issues.  Be prepared for drama and childish behaviour from others.  You can rise above it all with your characteristic grace if you don't get caught up.


The Sun moves into your sector of creativity and celebrations, highlighting what makes you so special.  You'll be wanting something for yourself, whether it's time off, attention or success.  This could conflict with your career situation as the Full Moon stirs up emotions involving recognition or appreciation.  Watch for clashes of ego between yourself and authority.


The Sun enters your home and family sector, turning your attention to matters close to the heart.  You are approaching the end of a series of upheavals but you could be in for one last storm. The Full Moon brings up emotional conflicts involving past vs. future options and responsibilities vs. freedom.  The potential for sudden, dramatic action is high so consider the feelings of others before you jump.


The Sun moves into your sector of communications, bringing an influx of information or people clamoring for your attention.  One message in particular could make you anxious as the Full Moon stirs up deep issues. Your reactions will be instinctive and protective so count to ten before you speak.   Even if others feel threatened and act out it's up to you to be the rational one.


The Sun moves into your sector of security, highlighting what you need and what you have.  You may feel threatened as the Full Moon brings a partnership issue to a head, pitting your needs against another's.  Your partner could be particularly demanding, making you question if he or she is worth the trouble. This conflict has everything to do with how your self esteem has changed so keep this in mind before you react.


The Sun moves into your sign, asking you to look at what you've accomplished so far.  The changes have been dramatic over the past few years and you may barely recognize yourself now.  The ride is almost over but be prepared for one last tempest as the Full Moon brings a health or work issue to  a head. Conflicts involving service to others or lack of recognition will be emotional but stand firm.  You're able to deal with this in a whole new way since you have transformed yourself.