Horoscopes for February 27th to March 6th


Venus moves into Aquarius on March 3rd, making relationships a bit lighter and a lot more surprising. This is a nice antidote to the pile up of planets (Mars, Sun, Mercury, Uranus) in hyper-sensitive Pisces.  The New Moon on March 4th (also in Pisces) makes new beginnings seem promising. But how can you really be sure?   You can't, which is why you need to let go of all expectations.   You could end up with something (or someone) that you never saw coming.


Venus in your sector of friends and groups encourages you to look around your social circle. You'll have a chance to appreciate new/existing alliances or the possible introduction of a new romance.  The New Moon is potent in your sector of secrets, bringing you realizations about background events.  You don't have much control at the moment but you'll see that this doesn't matter: things will work out exactly as they're supposed to.


Venus (your ruler) in your career sector gives your image some sparkle so step up and take advantage.  Business alliances are especially helpful right now and can offer innovative solutions.  It's time to demonstrate how you're different from everyone else (you do have something unique to offer regarding business or public image).  The New Moon starts a fresh chapter in your sector of friends and groups.  Associations can be emotional, confusing and idealized.  Focus on what you have to offer rather then what others can do for you.


If it's new it's suddenly very, very attractive as Venus enters your sector of opportunities.  It's definitely time to expand your horizons so have fun with whatever (or whoever) you encounter.  Alternatively, you could be drawn to a radical philosophy or world view. The New Moon opens a door in your career sector and the confusing events of the past few weeks start to make sense.  Reach for what's in front of you but realize that you may not be seeing the whole picture just yet.


Financial anxieties or deep seated fears should ease up as Venus enters your sector of shared resources.  Unexpected help or solutions could place you on a whole new path to independence and security.  The New Moon (your ruler) is especially potent as it introduces an emotional or creative opportunity.  Events of the past few weeks have been pushing you beyond your comfort zone and now you'll see why.  Step forward. This is what you've been looking for.


Venus enters your relationship sector, encouraging you to kick back and enjoy the company of your partner.  If you're single you'll find plenty of opportunities to meet someone as long as you stay open to all possibilities.  The New Moon could leave you feeling especially vulnerable as it highlights deep seated fears, anxieties or habits.  Know that this is an opportunity to stretch beyond limiting circumstances and dissolve what's been holding you back.


All the little things become easier as Venus enters your sector of day to day activities.  Work and health issues smooth out as you uncover solutions. Help could arrive in the guise of a colleague or professional.  You don't have to do it alone;  just ask.  An emotional New Moon floods your relationship sector, bringing fresh insights and opportunities.  You're still being urged to let go and accept what's happening but you've turned a corner now.


No one does socializing better and you'll prove it as Venus (your ruler) enters your sector of celebrations and creativity.  Fun, flirtations and attention are all coming your way so step up and work your magic.  This is also a fantastic time to start any projects involving design, performance or appearance.  The New Moon sheds some light on a series of confusing events in your sector of day to day activities.  Work or health matters have been emotionally loaded but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Venus in your sector of home and family promises a haven at the end of the day.  Whether you feel like re-decorating, entertaining or just curling up by yourself, you can turn to the people and places closest to you for escape.  Keep this in mind when the New Moon gets things rolling in your sector of celebrations and creativity.  It really has been all about you for the past few weeks but you may have found this emotionally draining.


Your words are magic as Venus moves into your sector of communications.  You can charm the birds from the trees because you know just how to phrase things.   Your thinking is more optimistic as you approach everything with a detached and friendly manner.  This will be a nice contrast to the emotional and disorienting home events from the past few weeks.  The New Moon should bring you some clarity and allow you to hold your head above water so you can see what to do next.


Venus in your sector of security gives you a financial and emotional boost.  Earnings and/or self worth can increase now as you discover innovative ways to improve your resources.  The New Moon in your communications sector pushes your intuition to an all time high.  Thoughts and messages can be unclear but only if you try to force things down predictable routes.  It's all about what you feel and how you express it.


Venus in your sign gives you charisma to burn.  Get out and mingle or just enjoy the attention that comes your way.  This will comes as a welcome relief since issues of self worth have been muddy over the past few weeks.  The New Moon in your sector of security should show you a way around your doubts and insecurities.  Alternatively, finances could come from an unexpected source that has nothing to do with your regular paycheque.


No one is quite sure what to do with the planetary pile up in your sign.  No one but you, of course.  You're comfortable dealing with transitions and the New Moon in your sign shows you where you need to go next.  Where others would be flailing, you're able to flow into the next phase of your life.  This includes the intriguing developments behind the scenes, courtesy of Venus.  Whether it's hidden from view or you're just not sure, things will unfold beautifully in their own time.