Antidote to Aries

Venus, Chiron and the Moon are lined up in Pisces today.  So there's some receptive, Yin energy to contrast with all that aggressive, Yang energy in Aries.

Pisces heals by dissolving the ego and anything attached to it (including pain and anger).  Chiron heals by urging us to face our deepest wounds.  Mixed with Venus, this becomes the desire to heal the pain of others.  Add the Moon and you have nurturing.  These are lovely concepts but what does all this look like in real life?

Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire witnessed the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and is credited with saving the lives of 32,000 people.  As I described in a previous post, Dallaire has the chart of a healer and a soldier.  He also personifies the Venus/Chiron/Pisces/Cancer energies mentioned above.  His Sun (identity) is in protective Cancer (ruled by the Moon).   His Chiron in Libra (ruled by Venus) is emphasized by its conjunction to Jupiter (large scale).   Neptune, ruler of Pisces, makes a compassionate trine to his Venus.

Now retired, Senator Dallaire is an accomplished lecturer and humanitarian. He urges people to be proactive in world affairs rather then watching from the sidelines.

If you start to get overwhelmed by Aries in the next few weeks, it's worth remembering that there are other ways to put it out there.  We can't all be generals and humanitarians but you can't go wrong with compassion.