Driving With The Parking Brake On: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Mercury reverses (retrogrades) in Aries tomorrow and won't resume its forward motion until April 23rd.  This is a long stretch of time for a fast moving planet.

Mercury in Aries is impatient.  It wants to make decisions now without fussing over consequences.  It initiates plans in a blaze of glory. It can also be careless, short tempered and tempted to abandon ship before the destination is reached.

When Mercury retrogrades, its energy is turned inwards.  This is an excellent time to go back over what's been initiated.  Actually, this is a necessity.  With so much going on in Aries now and Mars joining the party on April 1st, the mood will be excitable to say the least.  So this Mercury retrograde could be a blessing in disguise.

Sure, it will be frustrating.  You'll want to run with those urgent ideas in your hot little hands.  But chances are something will have been overlooked. So take the delays in stride and see how things shake out after April 23rd.  The question to ask yourself now is, "Can I finish what I started?"