Frogs In The Cream: The Moon in Sagittarius

There is a Russian parable about 2 frogs who fall into a vat of cream.  They try to climb out but the slides are too slippery.  One gives up, sinks to the bottom, and drowns.  The other continues to kick and eventually churns the cream into butter which allows him to climb out.  Now that's persistence, the child of hope.

The Moon is in Sagittarius today and it's a hopeful time.  Sagittarius has many positive traits (expansiveness, goofiness, charm) but one of its most appealing qualities is faith.   With transiting Saturn in Libra there's a focus on reality checks and watching your P's and Q's.  Sagittarius reminds us that it's OK to hope for the best and, more importantly, act on this hope.

The Full Moon in Virgo a few days back was heavy duty and nit picky.  Chances are there was some fallout but now it's time to move beyond it.  Here's a poignant animation that illustrates the frog parable and what happens if you keep moving forward.