Horoscopes for March 13th to March 20th


Mercury and Jupiter will be conjunct in Aries on March 15th, opening up hopes and possibilities.  Then Mercury opposes Saturn in Libra on March 18th and multiple roadblocks are thrown up.  There will always be reasons why you can't or shouldn't.  The task this week is thinking or talking your way towards a creative solution that works for everyone.


You'll be thinking of what you can do and how far you can go this week as Mercury connects with Jupiter in your sign.  Your horizons will seem limitless until you run up against a partnership issue.  You'll have no choice but to consider someone else in your plans so remain good humoured, even if it feels like they're cramping your style.  You'll still get what you want.


Mercury and Jupiter join in your sector of secrets, indicating positive background developments.  You'll want to advertise the good news but further developments involving your day to day environment (work, health) will present reasons to hold off.  You'll need to find a balance between playing by their rules and yours.


Developments in your social life reach a high point as Mercury (your ruler) and Jupiter unite in your sector of friends and groups. Good times abound and you'll be at the centre but watch for conflicts with a personal project or issue of yours.  Work on setting your boundaries and pulling back if necessary.


There are more opportunities for you in the public eye then ever before as Mercury joins Jupiter in your career sector.  A confirmation of a new job or business venture is possible and you'll want to  take full advantage.  Events at home may cause you to question if your plans for the future are realistic but know that you can have it all.  You just need to compromise between family responsibilities and future dreams.


Distant opportunities beckon as Mercury meets Jupiter in your sector of travel, education and philosophy.  Big ideas, plans and dreams are filling your horizon.  Just as you reach out you may be stopped by certain restrictions:  personal doubts or limits imposed by others.  You don't have to give up what you want but you do need to work within the bounds of what is possible.


Mercury (your ruler) and Jupiter unite in your sector of shared resources, signaling a financial bonus.  This could come in the form of your partner's increased income, approval for a loan, a gift or inheritance.  Note that this will likely be an opportunity that you need to set in motion rather then something that falls in your lap. It's yours to enjoy, even if your current financial circumstances take some of the fun out of it.


Watch for positive developments involving a partnership as Mercury and Jupiter unite in your relationship sector.  Illuminating discussions and hopeful messages are possible and the only thing holding you back is your own doubts.  Personal restrictions may seem insurmountable but know that you can make it all work.


Mercury and Jupiter bring exciting opportunities into your sector of work and health.  Positive news and breakthroughs give you a boost so don't let hidden fears trip you up.  You can make significant progress if you realize that the prison is of your own making. Discussions with professionals can provide breakthroughs.


More then ever, it's all about you as Mercury and Jupiter (your ruler) unite in your sector of creativity and celebrations.  Positive news involving creativity, performance or self image give you an ego boost.  Enjoy it and don't let the restrictions imposed by others drag you down.  There will be a conflict between what you want to do for yourself and what they think you should do.  Acknowledge the rules but find your own way.


Mercury and Jupiter stir the pot in your sector of home and family.  Progress, expansion and messages from a distance give you reasons to hope.  You can feel change sweeping in and that's a good thing.  Isn't it?   You may bump up against rules and restrictions that suggest you can't go any further but don't give up.  There are ways to work with the current circumstances, especially if you open up and communicate.


You may think that there's nothing you can't do as Mercury and Jupiter unite in your sector of communications.  Bright ideas, breakthroughs and plans for the future are buzzing around.  It's too bad that reality has to dump on you as roadblocks emerge to prevent you from moving forward.  But wait;  are those roadblocks, or just detours?


Financial opportunities present themselves as Mercury and Jupiter connect in your sector of security.  You can make it happen if you reach out and say what you need.  Significant growth involving resources is now possible, despite any troubles you may be having with loans, debts or taxes.  There is a way to make yourself and others happy.