Weekly horoscopes: March 6th to March 13th


The fuse is lit as the pileup of celestial energy begins its move into Aries.  On March 9th, Mercury enters Aries and is joined by Uranus on March 11th.  Jupiter is already there so the mood will be exuberant, restless, surprising and revealing.  It's time to think about your next move .


You've entered a new phase of your life and have every reason to feel confident; you're about to start a fire that will burn for a long time. Clarity and revelations are the theme as Mercury and Uranus enter your sign.  What was hidden becomes known and you are able to march forward with new purpose.  Events may feel nerve wracking as the pace picks up but you'll be fine if you follow your first impulse.


Pay attention to dreams, sudden flashes of insight and secret communications.  Mercury and Uranus enter your sector of hidden things, triggering a storm of behind-the-scenes activity.  Surprises meant just for you (or that you were never supposed to witness) can be jarring but ultimately liberating.  You may feel pressure to take action but it's better if you pull back and wait.  There's more to come.


Your social circle is the focus as Mercury (your ruler) and Uranus enter your sector of groups and friends.  Events can range from surprising encounters to decisions on what you can do for the public in general.  You'll feel energized, inspired and ready to make your mark.  You do have a lot to offer  but try to focus on one or two things, max.  You'll be tempted to scatter your energies and the results could be too overwhelming for you to handle.


What do you really want to do with your life? You've been asking this question for some time and now the answer is right in front of you.  Mercury and Uranus enter you career sector and ask you to step forward once and for all.  There is no going back and no compromise: you must do what makes you happy.  If you communicate now you'll grab more attention then you thought possible.


The future looks bright as Mercury and Uranus enter your sector of opportunities.  Expect the unexpected and embrace it when it happens. Surprising messages, encounters and inspirational ideas are all possible. One caveat: you may feel so restless that you'll be tempted to completely abandon your present circumstances.  Don't do anything that you'll regret later.  Think "reasonable change" not "all or nothing".


What happens when a basement is exposed to the light of day?  Your'e about to find out as Mercury (your ruler)  and Uranus enter your sector of instinct.  Old fears and anxieties can be stirred up and vanquished just as quickly.  Surprising financial windfalls or sudden debts can appear.  Events will be unpredictable but the end result should work out in your favor.  One thing is for certain: if you try to cling to old habits they will be blown away.


Your love life has been eventful lately and it's about to become even more so as Mercury and Uranus enter your relationship sector.  This could involve a new relationship that turns your world upside down or surprise developments in an existing partnership.  You are entering a new relationship phase and the end result will be much more closely aligned with who you are.  But first, anyone that's been holding you back needs to be shown the door.  You know who they are.


If you've established a routine for yourself, be prepared for it to be challenged.  Mercury and Uranus enter your sector of day to day activity, stirring up work or health issues.  Whatever has potential for growth will continue but if anything has been stagnating it won't be around for long.  Sudden breakdowns, upsets or accidents are all signs that a change is needed.  Fortunately, you have transiting Jupiter (the great protector) in this area so you'll come out ahead.


How's your confidence been?  You've probably found that, even if other areas of your life have been questionable, something always happens to prove that you are a star.  Hang onto that as Mercury and Uranus enter you sector of celebrations and creativity.  You'll discover many more reasons to feel good about yourself but none may be what you expected.  You're due for an adjustment on what really matters regarding self-esteem.


Mercury and Uranus enter your sector of home and family, creating a swirl of activity and changes.  Short and long term transformations are coming up so be ready to let go of the past.  Events can range from a physical re-location to changes in family dynamics.  You're being asked to re-evaluate your roots and decide what's worthy of accompanying you on your journey to the future.


What do you think you know?  The answers may surprise you as Mercury and Uranus (your ruler) enter your sector of communications.  Flashes of insight and even outbursts of temper are possible as you're being urged to speak out.  Just be prepared for some unexpected reactions to what you say or write.  Anxiety and restlessness could be at an all time high so focus that mental energy on a consuming project that will benefit you.


Your income has picked up over the past two weeks and hopefully you've been hanging on to it.  Mercury and Uranus enter your sector of security and events can get hectic from here on in.  Money could triple at the speed of light or disappear before you know it.  The key is to save what you've earned so far and move cautiously, even if you experience a financial windfall.  Over the next few years you're going to have to re-define your relationship with material goods.  This does not mean experiencing poverty but it does mean looking at what really makes you happy.