Horoscopes for April 17th to April 24th


Mercury retrograde and Mars meet in Aries on April 19th, indicating blocks and challenges.  It's all in the details as the little things drive people crazy.  Fortunately, Venus enters Aries on April 21st and things become a lot more reasonable.  People get tired of challenging (or begin challenged) and having their own way is not as important.  When Mercury goes direct on April 23rd, arguments are dropped and people move forward.


Frustrations to come to a head as Mercury retrograde collides with Mars in your sign. Tempers will be short and you could feel blocked at every turn.  When you think you've had all you can take, Venus will move into your sign and wave her magic wand.  Suddenly people are on your side again and you have charm to burn.  Events start to move forward as Mercury goes direct and reversals work out in your favour.


Mercury retrograde meets Mars in your sector of secrets, indicating troublesome revelations.  Events will not be obvious but you'll sense what's going on.  As Venus (your ruler) moves forward, behind the scenes developments could take on a competitive edge.  You won't be sure who's on your side but as Mercury goes direct you'll know what your next step should be.


You could find yourself on a collision course with someone as Mercury (your ruler) confronts Mars in your sector of friends.  Conflicts will seem inevitable but try to keep your distance from other people's dramas.  It should all blow over as Venus joins the party and everyone lightens up.  Mercury direct offers a chance to move on so don't look back.


Be prepared for some career frustrations as Mercury retrograde meets Mars.  Plans could fall through or your ideas could be challenged.  Stay strong because Venus will enter your career zone and suddenly you'll look much more attractive to current or prospective employers.  Mercury's forward movement points to a clear, agressive decision: even if you have to leave something behind there's better opportunities on the horizon.


Mercury retrograde and Mars collide in your sector of opportunities, presenting challenges to future plans.  Moving forward may seem more trouble then it's worth but Venus will introduce a new or improved prospect. It's safe to get excited about this opportunity as it won't fall through.  Mercury's direct motion shows you a new path and existing challenges are easily removed.


Mercury (your ruler) meets Mars in your sector of shared resources. Delays regarding taxes, loans, debts or your partner's finances pop up as you are challenged to provide proof or additional paperwork.  Stay cool and play along as Venus's impending arrival will make the climate much friendlier for you.  By the time Mercury goes direct it should be full speed ahead with the financial bonus or break through that you've been waiting for.


Partnerships continue to confound and intrigue as Mercury retrograde argues with Mars in your relationship sector.  Disagreements are likely and simply making yourself understood could be challenging.  Stay balanced because Venus (your ruler) will move forward and the situation should sweeten considerably.  Mercury's forward motion promises resolutions although someone may not be happy with the result. You can't please everyone.


You could be at your wits end this week as Mercury retrograde collides with Mars in your sector of day to day activities.  You want to get things done but miscommunications involving work and health keep popping up.  One particular challenge might make you feel like forcing the situation.  Try to hold back until Venus comes to the rescue and you'll find assistance where you need it most.  Mercury's direct motion shows you a way around the difficulties with an important message, diagnosis or discussion.


Trying to do your own thing may feel like banging your head against the wall as Mercury retrograde collides with Mars.  You know what you need to do for yourself  but others seem to question you at every turn.  Venus's arrival in your sector of creativity and celebrations gives you a confidence boost and the ability to shrug things off.  Mercury's forward motion indicates that you will get your way eventually.


Challenges at home come to a head as Mercury retrograde meets Mars.  Family squabbles, issues with maintenance or troubling messages from the past are all possibilities.  Fortunately, Venus' arrival shows a light on the horizon as agreements are made or money and resources appear where you need them most.  Mercury direct encourages you to move past family issues and start fresh.


"More flies with honey" should be your motto this week. Mercury retrograde and Mars cause an explosion in your communications sector.  Sudden, unpleasant messages or discussions could put you on the defensive.  Don't make pronouncements right now as Mercury's direct motion indicates a change of opinion or idea that needs to be dropped.  Venus adds persuasion to your words and optimism to your thinking as you consider someone else's view.


Issues of self worth are your focus this week as Mercury retrograde and Mars expose some holes.  You may not feel that solid, especially as events urge you to prove yourself. Know that you do have much to bring to the table but but try to wait until Mercury goes direct before you seal the deal.  Venus moves from your sign to your sector of security, emphasizing what you want and need.