Aspects In Your Birth Chart

Sometimes you just want to know what it means if your Moon squares your Saturn.  Are you a buzz kill or just realistic?  It won't give you the whole picture but maybe all you want is a bit of information.  In the spirit of wanting to know something now I have created a new page on this web site that outlines aspects in your birth chart.  Over time I will list all the planetary combinations (and include the 5 asteroids).  Each time I add to the list I'll post an alert on this blog.

Some people refer to this as "cook book astrology" like it's a bad thing.  I think if it's approached with the right perspective it can be really helpful.  Remember, you're not getting a full interpretation, you're just glancing at a couple of the ingredients.  A complete analysis of your birth chart will give you the full picture.  But sometimes you just want to know.