Explosive Influences This Weekend

Ready for an exciting weekend?  Mars enters Aries tonight and hits Uranus on April 3rd.  Also on April 3rd, we have a New Moon (beginnings) in Aries.  Can't get much hotter then that.  Normally this would be THE time to start something but with Mercury reversing (retrograding) in Aries things can get a bit sticky.  Mercury retrograde means delays, re-dos and re-thinks.  So not the best time to start things.  But all that Mars/Uranus/New Moon energy will need to be directed somewhere.

You may be presented with some opportunities or challenges.  You may feel that you have no choice but to jump in with both feet.  But honestly, be careful.  Mars is at full force in the sign it rules and when it hits unpredictable Uranus it will be like tossing lighter fuel onto a fire.  People will want to fight (Mars) to have things their way (Uranus).  This doesn't mean you should lock yourself indoors.  Just take all new developments with a grain of salt.  Things won't be settled until Mercury goes direct.

So what are these influences good for?  Putting energy into situations that need to be corrected.  People from your past can pop up, mistakes will come to light, etc.  If there's a problem you've been struggling with for awhile, this weekend could give you a burst of inspiration.  If there's a discussion that's been brewing you can exchange some honest words.  Just keep your temper.