Horoscopes for April 10th to April 17th


There's a power struggle this week as Mars in Aries squares Pluto retrograde in Capricorn on April 12th.  Mars wants to surge ahead but runs headlong into Pluto's obstacles.  Pluto started backing up on April 8th and it demands a second look at recent transformations.  Everyone will have to slow down and re-calculate their progress. This could be a real stumbling block for some but the Full Moon in Libra (Aries's opposite sign) can provide some clarity on April 17th.


Mars in your sign pushes you forward but Pluto retrograde reveals career restrictions.  There could be a power struggle between your ambitions and delays involving authority figures. The goal is to ensure that you're on the right track. If any adjustments need to be made, now's the time.   The Full Moon in your partnership sector indicates a decision, conclusion or standoff.  You will have to acknowledge the balance between yourself and a significant other.


Mars stirs things up in the background as you find yourself reacting to changes involving education, distant locations or ideals.  Pluto has been broadening your horizons but current delays will make you impatient.  Your reactions could catch you off guard as they will be subconscious rather than rational.  Forewarned is forearmed so try to schedule a time out to gather your thoughts.  The Full Moon draws your attention to the energy you've been putting into health or work issues.


Conflicts involving friends or groups are a possibility.  Mars makes the situation with others volatile while Pluto continues its major re-structuring of your financial situation.  Issues could involve money owed to others or your ideas vs. theirs.  It doesn't matter who's right or wrong, your financial situation will continue to be transformed for the better.  The Full Moon ends the week on a high note with a celebration or lighthearted flirtation.


Your personal and professional life are both being transformed and some fine tuning is needed.  Mars in your career sector indicates developments which will conflict with your partner.  Pluto retrograde in your relationship sector will re-visit some boundary issues and you'll see how these changes will mesh with career opportunities.  The Full Moon (your ruler) brings an emotional issue to a head involving home and family.


Mars in your sector of opportunities urges you forward but Pluto retrograde in your sector of day to day activities seems to be dragging you backwards.  Issues involving health or work need to be attended to but this will take some energy away from exciting new endeavors.  Is your daily routine supporting or hindering your future ambitions?  The Full Moon indicates an important message or discussion as someone wants to be heard.


Mars in your sector of shared resources increases the pressure regarding debts, taxes, loans or a partner's finances.  These issues will conflict with your own emerging sense of power and independence as Pluto retrograde highlights what you still need to work on.  You'll find out if someone is strengthening or undermining you.  Are they on board with the changes?  Are you giving your power away?  The Full Moon brings issues of security and self esteem to a head.  You know exactly what you need from others.


Partnership issues are the focus as Mars turns up the heat.  All the energy that a relationship has been demanding will conflict with changes in your home life.  Pluto retrograde asks you to look inward regarding a relocation, family or childhood matter.  As you do, you'll see where a significant other fits into your life.  Adjustments will need to be made, but by whom?  The Full Moon in your sign could give you the answer.


Mars in your sector of day to day activities has you running full tilt.  You've felt there's been no option but to charge ahead.   Now, issues involving health or work will demand a second look as Pluto (your ruler) retrogrades in your sector of communications.  You'll be forced to slow down as mistakes come to light.  If your focus has been scattered you'll find that one issue moves front and center to claim your attention.  The Full Moon in your sector of secrets could provide a revelation or breakthrough.


Mars demands that you take center stage but Pluto retrograde puts on the breaks.  Why can't you have it all right now?  You can but you need to look at how your activities support your newly emerging sense of self.  This could involve a temporary backslide into a situation that has tested your self worth.  How you react is your choice.  A familiar situation is comforting but not the best thing for you. The Full Moon reveals who has your back in your circle of friends and associates.


Activities on the home front are challenging as Mars stirs the pot.  Changes seem to arrive faster then you can handle and may cause a temporary backslide as Pluto retrogrades in your sign.  It will be easy to slip into old habits but that's precisely what you need to fight against.  You'll find that the usual ways of dealing with stress won't cut it.  The Full Moon reveals a career opportunity or clarifies the best path for you to take.


Mars stirs up your communication sector, causing you to speak now and think later.  You have a lot to say but is it what you actually mean?  Pluto's retrograde in your hidden sector causes you to look more deeply at what you're becoming.  Profound transformations are happening and events in the outside world will demonstrate if your actions and intentions are aligned.  The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities brings you an important insight regarding travel, education or your world view.


You've been busily working on your personal security but watch for a bump in the road as Mars pushes you up against a temporary obstacle.  Pluto retrograde in your sector of friends and groups indicates outer resistance to your inner work.  Your current level of strength will be tested as you sort through which associations are helping or hindering you.  The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources indicates a culmination regarding taxes, loans, debts or your partner's finances.