Horoscopes for April 3rd to April 10th


Mars and Uranus meet in Aries on April 3rd, bringing surprises and explosive revelations.  The only way to prepare is to be open to whatever gets thrown at you.  The Sun and Jupiter meet (also in Aries) on April 6th and opportunities are there for the taking.  Once again, everything depends on how open you are to change.  Neptune moves into Pisces (the sign that it rules) on April 4th for the first time since 1849.  In August it will retrograde back into Aquarius but as of February 2012 it will transit through Pisces for 14 years.  We can expect a gradual shift away from what has been established but in most cases the effects will be subtle and not felt until after the fact.  However, the impact will be life altering.


The week starts off with a bang as Mars (your ruler) and Uranus unite in your sign.  Surprises, breakthroughs and revelations are all possible but you won't know what's coming until it's upon you.  Watch for your luckiest day of the year as the Sun connects with Jupiter.  This is where it all comes together and something good could literally fall into your lap.  All this action is underscored by Neptune quietly slipping into your sector of hidden things.  You probably won't notice this influence for some time but a complete internal transformation is beginning for you.


Hidden developments take off as Mars and Uranus unite in your sector of secrets.   You may feel uncomfortable, edgy and not sure where to turn next.  Revelations will seem more like a threat than an opportunity but don't jump to conclusions. You don't have to say or do more then you're prepared to. The Sun and Jupiter can show you that it will all work out to your advantage.  Neptune moves into your sector of friends and groups, introducing a shift in your ideals and who you want to align yourself with.


Mars and Uranus come together in your sector of friends and groups, sending out shock waves and stirring up controversy.  Disagreements are likely but ideas may shift by the end of the month.   The Sun and Jupiter will add an injection of good will and expand any potential rewards.  You'll discover opportunities through your associations with others so stay open.  Neptune moves into your career sector, heralding a gradual move away from what you should do to what you want to do.


Your career heats up as Mars and Uranus reveal a surprise opportunity, connection or way forward.  Even if an initially unwelcome disruption occurs, the Sun and Jupiter could reveal a silver lining.  Either way you can make a serious impact so pour that abundant energy into an existing project, goal or desire.  Neptune moves into your sector of opportunities, starting a gradual expansion of  horizons.  Over the next few years you'll notice a move towards a more spiritual outlook and acceptance of all that is different.


Opportunities crackle as Mars and Uranus set off an explosion in your sector of education, travel and philosophy.  Watch for surprise messages from a distance, an unexpected trip or brilliant flash of insight.  You'll want to jump right in, especially when the Sun (your ruler) and Jupiter show you a world of possibilities.  Keep in mind that plans could change just as suddenly by the end of this month.  Neptune moves into your sector of shared resources, introducing a gradual shift towards a less materialistic attitude.  What you thought you knew about money will be transformed over the next  few years.


Finances can be a roller coaster as Mars and Uranus introduce some surprises in your sector of shared resources.  Expect the unexpected regarding taxes, loans, debts, etc.  Keep a very close eye on the details, especially as your ruler (Mercury) continues to retrograde in this sector.  Fortunately, you have the Sun and Jupiter to bring you protection and a possible lucky break.  Neptune moves into your relationship sector, introducing a new era in partnerships.  Very gradually you will notice that your vision of the ideal partner will shift.  As the dream changes you'll find that you're able to manifest who and what you want.


You could feel overwhelmed by someone as Mars and Uranus join in your partnership sector.  A revelation could blow things wide open in an existing relationship or someone new and exciting could appear on the scene.  Either way things should turn out rosy as the Sun and Jupiter expand possibilities.  Freedom is the key here:  it will all go much better if you give developments room to breathe.  Neptune moves into your sector of day to day activities.  Over the next few years you can expect a shift from existing routines to something much closer to what you've been dreaming about. What does your ideal day look like?


Life is about to get even more hectic as Mars and Uranus tip the boat in your sector of day to day activities.  You could receive a surprise regarding health or work so be prepared to take a step back and re-evaluate.  The Sun and Jupiter promise that there's an opportunity here, or at least a way around any difficulties you encounter.  Neptune enters your sector of celebrations and creativity.  Over the next decade your fantasies will become more potent.  You'll realize what dreams you can achieve and what illusions you need to let go of.


You couldn't be much more electric as Mars and Uranus join in your sector of celebrations and creativity.  You'll definitely be center stage.  Watch for unexpected romantic encounters, especially as the Sun and Jupiter (your ruler) make the possibilities seem limitless.  Have fun but keep in mind that developments may not be long term.  Neptune moves into your sector of home and family, beginning the gradual process of re-shaping your past.  Over the next 14 years you will slowly let go of any pain or anger from your childhood.  Let the healing begin.


Things can get hectic at home as Mars and Uranus accelerate forward momentum.  Renovations, changes in residence or new situations with relatives will claim your attention.  It may seem difficult to keep your head above water but the Sun and Jupiter show you that it can all work out, perhaps better then you thought.  Neptune moves into your communications sector, introducing a gradual shift away from rigid thoughts and proclamations.  Be prepared to have your mind opened over the next decade.


Mars and Uranus (your ruler) unite in your sector of communications, tossing a surprising message your way.  Alternatively, you may shock some people (and yourself) with what you have to say.  Honesty is good but remember that this is not a fight to the death.  Emotions will be high.  The Sun and Jupiter bring some good news and an optimistic view of the future.  Neptune moves into your sector of security, introducing a gradual transformation of your ideas about money and what you're really worth.


Mars and Uranus introduce some excitement and instability into your sector of resources.  Surprises regarding security, self esteem or finances are apparent but the Sun and Jupiter ensure that the fallout will be in your favor.  Either way, expect a disguised opportunity to increase your self worth.   The big news is that Neptune, your ruler, returns to your sign in this once in a lifetime transit.  The next 14 years will be a chance for you to meet your full potential and realize your dreams.  It starts now.