Personal Power with the Sun trine Pluto

The Sun is in Taurus and as it goes forward it will form a nice connection (trine) with Pluto in Capricorn (exact on April 27th).  This is an empowering transformation that for once will not knock you off your feet.

Taurus and Capricorn are both earthy, stable signs.  Taurus has the resources to help Capricorn build the structures.  Both are ready to dig in for the long haul.  Throw in the Sun (ego) with Pluto (transformation) and you have a potent mix.

This combination allows people to get control (Pluto) of themselves (Sun).  It involves power (Pluto), but it's power over yourself rather then power over others.   So think about changes that will boost your personal resources or self esteem.  You have a chance to make some deep alterations without scaring the pants off yourself.

This transit is especially potent if you have a birthday between now and April 30th or any planets in the early degrees of Taurus or Capricorn.  But even if you don't you can still reap the rewards.  Check out what areas of your chart Pluto and the Sun are traveling through now.  For example, let's say you have Capricorn in your 7th House and Taurus in your 11th House.  Pluto's transformation of your relationship (7th House) can lead to a new position for you in the community (11th House).  Maybe you marry someone prominent and your social profile rises.  Or maybe your divorce frees up some time so you can dedicate yourself to the volunteer work that's close to your heart.