Sun into Taurus and Venus into Aries

The Sun enters Taurus today and Venus (the ruler of Taurus) heads into Aries tomorrow.  So we've got some Venusian energy to balance out all that Mars attitude.

Venus shows her earthy side in this sign.  Taurus is all about resources, possessions and self worth.  It's the money that you earn and the soil that you work.  It's about physical beauty and how that makes you feel.  It's the cautious side of survival:  stock up the larders and circle the wagons.

Venus is not terribly comfortable in Aries.  She is in detriment here which means that she does not function at her best.  She is overwhelmed by Aries's throw-caution-to-the winds attitude.  Taurus wants to sit back and wait while Aries wants to charge ahead.  Taurus is the Earth Mother and Aries is the soldier.

Over the next couple of weeks the emphasis will be on boundaries.  Is someone pushing you?  Is it best for you to tell them to back off or invite them in? Do you need to firm up your boundaries or bust out of a rut?   Are you coming on too strong towards someone else?