The Rabbit Under The Car

Today I came across two men kneeling by a car and peering underneath it.  One had two brooms and the other had a box.  Turns out a rabbit was hiding there and they were trying to rescue it.  I'm sure the rabbit didn't know that. It wasn't stopping to reason things through, it just wanted to get away.  Self preservation.

That sums up the feel of today.  The Moon is in changeable Gemini.  Gemini's ruler, Mercury, is retrograding through act-now-think-later Aries.  And retrograde always implies that things will change yet again when Mercury goes direct.  Also, the Moon squared illusion prone Neptune in Pisces earlier today and will be squaring Venus this evening.  So you could be going 100 miles an hour but still be heading in the wrong direction.  Or you could be going in circles.

It's worth your while to look around and see what else is happening.  Panic, impatience and loss of perspective will dissolve pretty quickly if you consider someone else's point of view.