When Is It Time To Make Your Mark On The World?

When you think about success and public acclaim, Jupiter is usually the planet that springs to mind.  But did you know that transiting Saturn is the planet to follow if you want to track your success in the outside world? Saturn is the ruler of career, ambition and public image.  Not Jupiter...that covers opportunities, expansion and luck.  Saturn marks the road you build to get ahead.

Generally, the transit of Saturn around your chart marks the ebb and flow of your public profile.  When Saturn passes over your Ascendant and dips into the lower half of your chart it indicates increased responsibility which forces you to pull back from public life.  This culminates as Saturn passes over the 4th house cusp at the bottom of your chart.  Saturn in the 4th house can manifest as a marriage, caring for an elderly parent, an illness which confines you to the home, etc.  The theme is something which pulls your energy inwards.  Not the best time to embark on a new career which depends on your connection to the outside world.  However, as Saturn moves out of the 4th house it starts to climb through the 5th, 6th and 7th houses which coincides with increased ambition and the freedom to make your mark on the world.   Transiting Saturn's passage through the 4th to the 10th house is a 14 year span where you can achieve success in your career.

If you want an example, look at the chart of a politician or actor whose birth time is known.  Their success and public prominence can be directly connected to the transit of Saturn around their chart.  If you know your time of birth, think back to your various career highs and lows.  See where Saturn was positioned in your chart when you received a promotion or new job.

The takeaway message is this:   if transiting Saturn is moving through your 4th house it's an excellent time to start building your career.  You can plant the seeds and reap the rewards in a few years time.  Success will not be quick but you're looking at a slow, steady climb which should peak in 14 years.  If transiting Saturn is moving through your 10th house or beyond (counter clockwise around your chart) it's not the best time to be focusing on external accomplishments.  You need to look at what's happening at home, with your family, with your inner life. It's a time to prepare the ground for the seeds you're going to plant in the future.