Depth Charges: Transiting Moon Conjunct Pluto

Tomorrow morning the Moon will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  This is a solid, possibly depressing, configuration.  Moon/Pluto is about going deep, revealing the shadows and embracing the unpleasant stuff.  No fear.  In Saturn ruled Capricorn it's given an extra shot of reality which means there is no where to hide.

Fortunately there's an outlet because Moon/Pluto will be trining Mercury/Venus/Mars in Taurus.  This means that as heavy as things may get, there will be someone to talk to (Mercury/Venus) or a clear course of action for you to take (Mars).

Pluto has been in this trine to Mercury/Venus/Mars for the past few days.  You may have already started working on a plan of action to initiate or deal with unavoidable changes.  If not, the Moon will give you an extra nudge.  Sometimes it's not real until you are emotionally (Moon) engaged.