Horoscopes for May 1st to May 8th


The New Moon in Taurus on May 3 reminds us that we can start to take it easy.  Aries is still driving events forward but the emphasis is shifting towards grounded Taurus.  This New Moon is excellent for deliberate beginnings that will grow into something long term.  The focus is on achievable results which take time and patience.


There's been so much action in your sign that you may not have had time to put down roots. The New Moon in your resources sector urges you to slow down and become aware of what makes you feel secure.  Watch for new beginnings regarding finances, self esteem and values.


The New Moon in your sign marks an emotional threshold.  It's time to move forward, even though much of your energy may feel confused or indirect.  Behind the scenes activities will continue to sort themselves out but the desire to show your new face to the world will be strong.  If your birthday falls on May 3 this New Moon will be especially potent for you.


The New Moon in your sector of secrets could be low key or unclear.  Background developments or unacknowledged needs are possible.  Be aware of jealousy and possessiveness masquerading as something else. Allow things to ripen before you act as this is only the first phase.


The New Moon (your ruler) in your sector of friends and groups could introduce you to someone or bring a relationship to a new level. Established relationships are favoured and group security is the watchword.  Alternatively, you may have a chance to re-establish the bonds between you and those who support you.


The New Moon in your career sector illuminates a job opportunity or meeting with higher ups.  Don't expect bells and whistles; security and long term development are emphasized.  People will be watching to see how much value you can add and how dependable you are.


The New Moon introduces solid opportunities involving travel, publishing, education or philosophy.  These are not just pie in the sky dreams but a chance to manifest something real. Alternative views are welcome as long as they are expressed in practical, straightforward terms.


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources highlights taxes, loans, debts or your partner's finances.  Control between yourself and another is the theme and you'll realize that there is no going back.  Feelings surrounding your dependence on someone's respect for you could become uncomfortably strong.


The New Moon in your partnership sector indicates a fresh start with one relationship.  This is a positive change, whether it means meeting someone new or taking an existing relationship to a new level.  Even if you are newly single, you can start to build a promising foundation to attract the right person into your life.


The New Moon in your sector of day to day activities looks promising for health and/or work matters.  Recent challenges have been frustrating but this energy promises a light on the horizon and an opportunity to revitalize yourself.  This Moon will be especially helpful to deal with long term injuries. Focus on building practical, step-by-step routines.


The New Moon in your sector of creativity indicates a confidence boosting good time.  Enjoy what life has to offer you as flirtations, parties and all round enjoyment are on the menu.  Alternatively, a creative project could be in the early stages; make sure you pursue it as this promises to be successful if you work from the ground up.


The New Moon in your sector of home and family indicates fresh emotional territory.  Relationships with female family members or issues involving nurturing can now be approached from a different angle.  Revelations are possible but they'll be reassuring rather than shocking.


The New Moon in your communications sector promises fresh ideas.  Discussions involving security are possible as is a new emotional perspective on how to get your point across.  Pursue ideas and plans as they promise to grow into something profitable for you.