Horoscopes from May 8th to May 15th


This is a fantastic week as Venus and Mercury join forces in Aries on May 9th.  You can get what you want as desire and intent are united.  When Jupiter joins in on May 11th, possibilities are expanded and restrictions are lifted.  All this sparkling optimism is grounded in reality as Mars moves into Taurus on the same day.  Think big and then start working to manifest your hopes and dreams.


Get ready for a magical week as you successfully pursue a desired outcome.  Mercury and Venus unite in your sign, allowing you to say exactly the right thing.  You can charm almost anyone as what you want and what you think you want have the same focus.  Jupiter boosts your already soaring confidence as the bigger picture is revealed.  Mars (your ruler) moves into your sector of security, urging you to take what you've achieved and turn it into something permanent.


You may come to a realization regarding unacknowledged feelings or a hidden relationship as Venus (your ruler) and Mercury unite in your sector of secrets.  Jupiter encourages you to keep going, stoking your inner glow of confidence.  It's not your imagination;  your energies are starting to unify and the next step is becoming clear.  Don't hesitate when Mars moves into you sign. Your determination and drive are the result of what's been brewing for the past few weeks.


Venus and Mercury (your ruler) unite in your sector of friends and groups, bringing good times and social progress.  You can't go wrong so get out and circulate.  You'll be the life of the party and a new romance is possible.  Jupiter gives social contacts an idealistic tone as you find yourself giving more then expected.  You may be in danger of going over the top but you'll discover your limits as Mars moves into your sector of secrets.  An abrupt slow down is a sign that you need to back off and rest.


Things can't get much sweeter for you on the job front as Venus and Mercury unite in your career sector.  Spin that resume like a disco ball because it will be grabbing everyone's attention.  Jupiter suggests that discussions with higher ups will be in your favour and new opportunities could fall into your lap.  It's all about timing this week so do not hesitate.  Mars moves into your sector of friends and groups, bringing conflicts and power struggles.  Be prepared for some jealousy as others see that your star is on the rise.


It's all about the future as Mercury and Venus meet in your sector of opportunities.  Distant messages, travel, education and publishing all hold rich possibilities for you.  Jupiter asks you to broaden your horizons and look further then you've ever dared.  Mars moves into your career sector, focusing some of that expansive magic and firing your ambition.  It's time to take the next step and start building a solid foundation for your public profile.


You distrust anything that seems easy but this week you'll have to change that attitude.  Mercury (your ruler) meets Venus in your sector of shared resources, bringing financial gifts and opportunities from others.  Jupiter insists that you'll get more then you bargained for and if nothing is offered, ask.  You'll get all the help you need.  Mars moves into your sector of opportunities, urging you to use your financial bonus as a springboard to bigger things.  It's time to look up and see what else is out there.


This week is a relationship high point as Venus (your ruler) and Mercury meet in your partnership sector.  Conversations flow as you and your significant other are on the same page. Jupiter urges you to accept that it will all work out. If you're not currently involved, this could mark the introduction of someone new.  Mars moves into your sector of shared resources, spurring discussions about your partner's finances or how much he or she values you.  Remember to focus on your own self worth and everything else will follow.


Your daily grind will become the best part of your life as Venus and Mercury meet in your sector of work and health.  You can make serious headway on any issue if you share your ideas with others.  Meetings with co-workers and health professionals should bring good news.  Jupiter helps you reach a desired goal (fitness, weight loss, recovery from illness).  Allow things to fall into place and don't fight it.  You will need to focus your energy elsewhere as Mars moves into your relationship sector.  Energy is high between you and a partner; this can mean disagreements, passion or both.


It's all about feeling good as Venus and Mercury unite in your sector of celebrations.  Whether you're the life of the party or just talking with a couple of friends, communicating with others will make you feel extraordinary.  You have so much to offer.  Everyone will see it and, more importantly, you'll feel it.  Jupiter (your ruler) insists you step forward and shine, no matter what's been happening lately.  You could even enjoy a sizzling flirtation.  Enjoy it for what it is and live in the moment.  All this positive energy will give you a physical boost as Mars moves into your sector of work and health.  Get ready to approach healing with a new determination.


It's all coming together for you as Venus and Mercury unite in your sector of home and family.  Family discussions, home renovations or home based businesses will be positive and fruitful.  Jupiter brings more, which could mean house guests, new family members, a bigger dwelling or expanded home business ideas.  Mars moves into your sector of celebrations and creativity, helping you direct this expanded energy.  Now is the time to make something of yourself, whether this means attacking a creative project with determination or refusing to take a backseat to anyone.


What you say and how you say it are of paramount importance. Fortunately you can't go wrong as Venus and Mercury meet in your sector of communications.  What you say will be well received because your  desires and thoughts will be united.  Jupiter opens up your thinking and ask you to consider something new and adventurous.  Mars moves into your sector of home and family, asking you to take this expansive idea and make some practical plans.  It's time to start working for yourself.


Finances and security get a boost as Venus and Mercury meet.  Expect anything from a pay increase to a conversation or encounter that does wonders for your self esteem.  Now you'll become aware of what you're truly worth. Jupiter ensures that your needs will be taken of, with a little bit extra to go around.  Allow your renewed self confidence to power your ideas as Mars moves into your sector of communications.  You can turn hopes into reality with practical, determined planning.