How To Get What You Want

Imagine this:  what you want and what you think you want are united and backed up with ambition and follow through.  Sounds like a recipe for success.  This is what you can have from today to May 18th as Venus and Mercury align with each other.  They are joined now in Aries. On May 15th they will move into Taurus where they will travel together until May 18th.

Much of the time it's not outside circumstances that trip you up but your own indecision.  Not throwing all of your energy into the pursuit of a desired goal because you fear failure.  Not committing fully to a relationship because someone better might be out there. Or just not knowing what you really want.

When head (Mercury) and heart (Venus) are united in the sign of desire (Aries), the potential for actually getting what you want is huge.   Aries is all about initiative, enthusiasm, and active pursuit.  But every beginning needs a next step which is why the Mercury/Venus move into Taurus will help solidify things.  Taurus brings Aries' fiery ambition down to earth.   Action is transformed into reality.

So make a decision and go after what you want now.  Come May 15th things will slow down and selection time will be over.  You'll have to work with what you've chosen and turn it into something lasting.