On Being Special

Are you special?  Sure, everyone is special is their own way but do you really believe that you're unique, important, deserving, or destined for greater things?

There's an emphasis on the self right now.  The Sun is in the sign of self preservation (Taurus) and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in Aries, the sign of identity.

Some people just know they were meant for greater things.  These folks have a lot of fire in their charts.  One trait that all fire signs share is the belief that they do have a special destiny.  It goes beyond self confidence.  They have something the world needs to see.

Taurus is a different kind of special.  This sign uses themselves as their own resource.  They are self contained, secure in the knowledge that they have what they need and if they don't they can easily get it.  Because they deserve it.

The theme here is that these signs know they have it.  "It" could be looks, talent, brains, charm, whatever.  But it's part of their own, personal stock that never runs out.

What do you have?