Venus and Mars Trade Places

Venus has been in Aries for the past few weeks.  It's the sign of her detriment but she's been doing what she does best: relating.  Looking at things from Mars's point of view.  Mars has not had to relate to anyone but himself since he's been cruising along in his own sign.  But that's all about to change on May 11th when he moves into Taurus.

Guess what?  Taurus is ruled by Venus and Mars will be in his detriment here.  He'll have to look at things from Venus's point of view.  His charge ahead attitude will not fly in deliberate Taurus.  He'll be forced to slow down and consider the consequences.  He'll feel stuck, frustrated and will probably squander his resources trying to burn off some of that energy.

Fortunately, Venus is still in Aries so she can give him some support.  Maybe offer him a few pointers on finishing what he started.  And Mars can now be more supportive of Venus since he'll be forced to look outside himself.  He can show her how to take the initiative rather then waiting for things to happen.

This exchange is called mutual reception and it happens when two planets change places and end up in each other's signs.  It is especially potent when it occurs in the synastry between two people.

For example, person A has Moon in Libra and person B has Venus in Cancer.   A resonates emotionally with the way B expresses their love.  It can go a long way towards smoothing things out when the signs are inharmonious (Cancer and Libra don't usually understand each other.....Cancer can be too clingy for lighthearted Libra and Libra can be too superficial for emotional Cancer) .

Venus will be in Aries until May 15th.  During the next few days there will be some interesting push-pull happening.   Wanting to surge ahead but being forced to wait.  Being pushed a little faster then you're comfortable with.  But the beauty of this mutual reception is that somehow people will find a way to make it work.  Initiating (Aries) what you want (Venus) is followed up by practical (Taurus) work to make it happen (Mars).