Do It Yourself

I'm noticing a theme of hurt feelings, unmet needs and rejection. The Sun is in Cancer, which is super subjective, sensitive and self absorbed. Ego (Sun) meets emotions (Cancer). It's forming an exact trine to Jupiter in Taurus which just increases that sense of entitlement. Jupiter expands, is optimistic. Taurus is about security and self esteem. People want attention, recognition and validation and they see no reason why they shouldn't get it.

But that nice flow of energy is blocked by Pluto in Capricorn (Cancer's opposite sign). Power, authority and everything beyond your control is blocking those sensitive Cancer needs. Pluto is in a friendly trine to Jupiter but it just expands (Jupiter) Pluto's power.

How do you deal? Don't let your needs be turned against you. Avoid manipulation (Pluto) by expanding self sufficiency (Jupiter in Taurus) rather then looking to others.