Fight For What You Want: The Upcoming Cardinal Cross

June 18th marks the start of a Grand Cardinal Cross that will continue until July 5th. This is a tense configuration which will involve Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto up until June 26th. Then the Sun will take Mercury's place.

Mercury in Cancer (emotional communication) will square Saturn in Libra (social restriction) and Uranus in Aries (revolutionary change). Here we have from-the-gut reactions resulting from a challenge (Uranus) to boundaries (Saturn). Saturn and Uranus are in opposition which creates a push/pull between political correctness and the desire to break away. Mercury will also be opposing Pluto in Capricorn which suggests that emotional needs will run up against power and authority (Pluto). Finally, Saturn and Uranus will be squaring Pluto. To me this says the fight for independence from what is socially accepted will be frustrated by authority.

Once Mercury moves out of orb and the Sun takes its place in Cancer, thought (Mercury) will be replaced by the conscious decision to act (Sun). This will up the ante considerably.

Should you be nervous? Nah. There is heap of tension in this aspect but that's where the potential to make change is. It won't be comfortable but you can work with this energy if you think about your needs vs. management/authority/social expectations. What you want is valid no matter how much of a fuss others kick up. Now, you probably won't get exactly what you want and you'll have to fight to make some headway. By then you'll decide if it's worth fighting for.

If you're wondering how this Grand Cross will feel, we had one last summer. Think about what was happening then and how you handled it.