Horoscopes for June 12th to June 19th


Saturn goes direct in Libra on June 12th, setting the next phase in motion regarding social plans, boundaries, commitments and responsibilities. The lunar eclipse on June 15th occurs at 24 degrees Sagittarius and will introduce emotional endings and expansive beginnings. It will be a brave new world, even as some are forced to relinquish what was safe but limiting. Mercury's entrance into Cancer on June 16th blends logic and emotion. Thinking will be changeable and subjective but instinct will be easily accessed for those who are open to it.


Saturn goes direct in your relationship sector, moving stalled issues forward. The hard work and re-balancing of the past few months will come to fruition as partnership decisions are put into action. The lunar eclipse in your sector of opportunities asks that you refocus your vision and expand your horizons in a different direction. Alternatively, watch for a resolution in legal matters. Mercury enters your home and family sector, increasing the flow of discussion and pace of events.


Saturn's direct motion helps you move past work and health blockages. The frustrations of the last few months saw you spinning your wheels regarding allotment of duties, medical decisions or health routines. Progress can now be made with revised expectations of what others can offer. The lunar eclipse in your sector of shared resources urges you to let go of anxieties and self destructive impulses involving finances and change. Open yourself up to someone's assistance or support. Mercury moves into your communications sector, urging you to say what you feel.


Saturn moves forward in your sector of creativity and celebrations, allowing you to manifest real achievement and confidence. Stalled projects move forward and self doubts will ease as you stride towards a desired objective (wedding, birth of child, personal best).  The lunar eclipse in your partnership sector brings a relationship turning point. Whether you move up or move on, know that you are looking at optimistic new horizons. Mercury (your ruler) moves into your security sector, focusing your thoughts on what's best for you.


Saturn goes direct in your sector of home and family, introducing the next phase of commitment and responsibilities. The next few months will see you put down roots and solidify issues regarding a relocation, family member or partnership. The lunar eclipse in your sector of day to day life concludes a work or health issue. Get ready to embrace a vibrant new routine involving healing and/or study. Mercury's entrance into your sign blends thought with emotion, honing your intuition and keeping you busy. When your focus is scattered, rely on your gut.


Saturn moves forward in your communication sector, giving stalled ideas and plans a new lease. What you've been pondering can now develop as you cooperate with others. The lunar eclipse in your sector of creativity can start a fire regarding personal achievement and self confidence. Be ready to grab a singular opportunity or take a chance.  Mercury enters your sector of secrets, introducing unclear thoughts and doubts. Focus on what's already been decided as current developments will be vague and emotional.


Saturn's direct motion in your security sector should ease financial burdens. It won't be dramatic but watch for a slight rise in income or opportunities to make money on the side. Disciplined spending habits will continue to build your foundation for a more secure future. The lunar eclipse in your home sector can set off an emotional decision regarding relocation, parental issues or family changes. Mercury (your ruler) moves into your sector of friends and groups, giving your social life a boost. Interactions will have a nurturing feel and could include friends from the past.


Saturn goes direct in your sign, allowing you to move forward with plans for self improvement or re-structuring. Now that you have rebalanced commitments and worked on your boundaries you can step forward with confidence. The lunar eclipse in your communication sector asks that you let go of self limiting ideas and look to the future. Watch for timely, exciting messages and conversations to spur you forward.  Mercury moves into your career sector, bringing important information and contacts your way. Meetings, contracts and job applications will be changeable and emotional.


Saturn goes direct in your sector of secrets, allowing you to move onto the next phase of dealing with fears and unconscious habits. You have entered the final stage of building a new you from the inside out. The lunar eclipse in your sector of security urges you to reach beyond the expected regarding financial and emotional satisfaction. Material opportunities can manifest but the focus is on looking further. Mercury moves into your sector of opportunities, turning your attention to distant horizons. Communications from new sources could feature strongly as you use your intuition to move towards what feels right.


Saturn moves forward in your sector of friends and groups, allowing you to move on from unsupportive or restrictive people. You are learning the hard way about who has your back and where you belong. You may have had to sever some ties but what remains is the real thing. The lunar eclipse in your sign can bring an emotional turning point as something or someone exits your life. Know that as this chapter ends, a far better one is beginning. Mercury moves into your sector of shared resources, bringing messages involving debts, financial settlements or your partner's finances. Anything that is signed now will be emotionally satisfying.


Saturn (your ruler) moves forward in your career sector. Stalled discussions or plans with superiors can now progress with a new spirit of compromise. Career goals have been readjusted but the new path will be clear. The lunar eclipse in your sector of secrets can reveal deep insights and obscure plans. You may not have much control over developments so go with the flow. Mercury in your relationship sector opens up discussions and allows emotional connections. You'll find it much easier to say what's needed or clear the air.


Saturn's direct motion in your sector of opportunities makes the unreachable seem possible now. You can get there, whether that means relocating far from home or opening a new path with education or legal resolutions. There's more work to be done but you'll see steady progress. The lunar eclipse in your sector of friends and groups can change the social climate with a major departure or arrival. Your sense of where you want to be can shift completely as you look at the bigger picture. Mercury moves into your sector of day to day activities, increasing the pace of work and health routines. Information, meetings and appointments will be plentiful over the next couple of weeks.


Saturn's direct motion in your sector of shared resources introduces new progress regarding debts, loans or your partner's finances. Barriers will be lifted as you find new ways to make things work. Assistance may arrive in the form of financial advisers or management routines. The lunar eclipse lights up your career sector with changes on the job front. A change in direction or the departure of a key figure can introduce dramatic opportunities for you. Don't be afraid to think big and reach far. Mercury's entrance into your sector of creativity can put you in a social mood. Fun and flirtations are waiting as you step out and circulate.