Horoscopes for June 19th to June 26th


Mars moves into Gemini on June 20th, presenting choices and demanding follow up. Energy is scattered but it's never been more important to focus if you want things to work out. The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, heralding the Summer Solstice. The Sun will form a wishful connection to Neptune in Pisces at this time, emphasizing hope, dreams and unexpressed longings. The choice is yours (Mars in Gemini) whether or not you express these dreams.


Your ruler (Mars) moves into your communication sector, adding heat to your words. You'll have much to say and the conviction to defend your ideas. The challenge is that you may have difficulty keeping calm and focused as you are presented with multiple options. The Sun moves into your sector of home and family, urging you to look at where you belong. Issues involving history, relocation or settling down will take centre stage and background developments may play a surprising role.


Mars in your sector of security asks you to make choices involving financial resources and/or self esteem. What do you really need and how hard are you willing to work to get it? Financial bonuses are available if you put extra effort into networking. The Sun moves into your communication sector, boosting your desire to reach out and make yourself heard. What you write and say will be key over the next few weeks. Watch for support and inspiration from groups or friends.


The next few weeks will be all about you. Mars moves into your sign, giving you energy, ambition and the desire to push past opposition. Choices are energized as you move to the next level or focus your will in the right direction. Do not hesitate. The Sun moves into your sector of security, illuminating opportunities for financial and emotional security. It will be about more than just money as emotional satisfaction and inspiration from your career becomes increasingly important.


Should you go forward or hold back? The Sun in your sign urges you to step up and make the most of new and exotic opportunities. But Mars in your sector of secrets introduces doubts, confusion and muddled choices. Background developments are significant so give them time to unfold before you act. In the meantime, the Summer Solstice will introduce a magical new chapter featuring emotional growth and satisfaction.


Mars in your sector of friends and groups energizes your social life. Celebrations, networking and introductions will be featured, but so will uncomfortable choices and disagreements. Try to keep it light and detached. The Sun (your ruler) moves into your sector of secrets, stirring up developments just beyond the range of your perception. The sense that "more is coming" is real. It's ok to hold back on emotional declarations.


Mars energizes your career sector, presenting you with choices. More than one option may be nerve-wracking but know that you'll make the right decision. You won't be missing out as long as you energize your choice with wholehearted follow up. The Sun moves into your sector of friends and groups, highlighting emotional contacts and memories. Nostalgia, idealism and the need to belong will all be themes as your shifting relationship ideals bring greater optimism into your life.


Mars in your opportunities sector may be almost too much of a good thing. Exciting new developments involving travel, education or intriguing individuals will grab your attention and keep you on edge. Which path should you take? The Sun in your career sector makes you aware of status and public image. Consider how much the respect of others means to you and how much you are willing to sacrifice.


Mars in your sector of shared resources ignites issues involving money owed or given to you. You have the means to change an undesirable situation. Watch for power struggles between you and a partner as fears and compulsions get stirred up. The Sun in your sector of opportunities encourages you to look forward and consider your next step. The impossible dream can broaden your horizons now, whether this means travel, relocation or increasing your knowledge base.


Your love life heats up as Mars moves into your partnership sector. Passion, arguments and choices galore will all be on your plate. Think about what's worked, or hasn't worked, for you in the past. You can do things differently now. The Sun moves into your sector of shared resources, hi-lighting debts, loans, inheritances or your partner's finances. Issues involving shared power will get intensely emotional and could involve some sacrifice at home. What you let go of will free you up as you move on from the past.


Mars increases the pace in your day to day routine. The little things multiply as you find yourself juggling work obligations, meetings, health issues or documents to sign. On the plus side, you will have more than enough energy to power through all this. The Sun in your partnership sector turns your attention to who share your life with. An existing relationship can become energized. If you're single, watch for the appearance of a potential partner. No matter what your status, allowing yourself to hope will dramatically increase your chances of happiness.


Mars sets your summer on fire as it heats up your sector of celebrations and creativity. You can successfully pursue whoever or whatever you're passionate about now. This is your time to shine so put any lingering doubts aside and just do it. The Sun energizes your sector of day to day routine, giving you energy to deal with medical issues or workplace emotions. You can burn through what was draining and overwhelming as old ideas about security fade away.


Home becomes a little less relaxing as Mars steps up the flow of activities. Choices involving family members, relocating or buying vs. renting will demand your attention. Take things one step at a time and watch out for accidents around the house. The Solstice introduces fun, fantasy and sparkle into your summer. Get set for romance and/or creativity to bloom as you find the confidence to reach out, embrace your dreams and transform yourself into who you are meant to be.