Mercury Gets Caught In Neptune's Web

Mercury buzzes into Gemini on June 2nd where he will get sidetracked by Neptune in Pisces.  Mercury is strong in the sign that he rules but this upcoming square to Neptune will present a glitch.  Information will be unclear and miscommunications a guarantee.   Logic will be fuzzy because of deceptions, wishful thinking and day dreams.

Mercury in Gemini is easily distracted at the best of times.  It's a mutable sign, so what makes it quick on its feet also makes it changeable.  In the sign of The Twins there's always another option.  Do we go with A or B?  And if we choose B, what if we like A better?  Neptune's dreamy energy will not make clarity any easier.

Fortunately, this influence will only last until June 3rd as Mercury speeds forward, out of Neptune's reach.  And Neptune goes retrograde on June 3rd, so its influence will weaken as it moves backwards.

If you've got important things to communicate, try to wait until after June 2nd. On the other hand, if you need to be super creative or let go of your worries, this could be the best day of the month for you.