More About The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Here's a wonderful article.  It illustrates the ideas in my post on tomorrow's lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

The author blogs at and has some big, scary, juicy changes coming up. It looks like all systems go for this guy but still...jumping into the unknown gives everyone pause. He says that, "No......has always been a kind of governor on possibility" which is why he's a fan of "yes".

"Yes" is the Sagittarian motto. Sagittarius is possibility, options, hope, faith, trust, luck and chocolate  (I lied about the last one....chocolate is actually ruled by Venus). Still, you get the idea.  Sagittarius is a sign that brims with happiness.

Eclipses have an intimidating reputation but they are really just open doors. And tomorrow the door should open onto something really nice.